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Vangst For Job Seekers

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    Step #1 Create Your Profile

    Create your Vangst profile to showcase your experience, skills, and cannabis industry credentials.

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    Step #2 Get Credentialed

    Every state has their own cannabis licensing, badging and training requirements for employees who work in cannabis. We’ll help you through this process and provide all the information you need to get badged.

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    Step #3 Apply to Jobs

    Once your profile and credentials are complete, you’re ready to start applying to cannabis jobs! We’ll help you match into the cannabis jobs that are the best fit for you.

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Vangst For Businesses

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    Hire Temporary Employees

    Vangst GIGs

    Vangst GIGS temp staffing agency provides your business access to W2, vetted, credentialed, insured, ready-to-work cannabis temporary employees. Vangst takes care of state and federal taxes, workers comp, payroll, employee management and employee communication. Whether you need trimmers for two months, or budtenders for two days, you can sit back and let Vangst gigs handle all of your temporary cannabis jobs and cannabis staffing, temp to hire, contract and gig jobs staffing needs.

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    Hire Full Time Employees

    Vangst Direct Hire

    Exceptional Cannabis Staffing. Our dedicated direct hire team is at the forefront of connecting top talent with leading businesses in the cannabis industry. With a deep understanding of the unique requirements and regulations of the cannabis sector, our team specializes in identifying and placing qualified professionals across various jobs and roles, from cultivation and extraction to retail and compliance. We prioritize finding the perfect match for both cannabis job seekers and cannabis companies and employers, ensuring long-term success and growth within this dynamic and rapidly expanding industry.

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    Leverage our Platform

    Create your Vangst company profile to showcase your business and employer brand. From your Vangst dashboard you’ll be able to post cannabis jobs and cannabis job training courses, search and message candidates, and even integrate our platform with your internal ATS.

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Cannabis Industry Information and Resources

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    Building Petalfast: Jason Vegotsky's Take on Cannabis Distribution and Industry Growth

    In this episode, Vangst had the pleasure of sitting down with Jason Vegotsky, the visionary behind Petalfast - a game changer in cannabis distribution.

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    Live Now: The Vangst 2023 Cannabis Jobs Report

    Live Now: The Vangst 2023 Cannabis Jobs Report Familiar with the Leafly Cannabis Jobs Report? The torch has been passed to Vangst. Don’t miss this year’s cannabis industry trends. Download today.

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    How to Work in Cannabis

    Politics, budgets, and public support vary widely depending on where you live. We've curated a list of how to get licensed and badged to help clarify what you need to know to land cannabis jobs in each state.

    View Cannabis Job State Requirements
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    Each week, Vangst Founder and CEO Karson Humiston talks to the founders, executives, thought leaders and change-makers who are building a brand new industry. Get executive-level insights, and find out why they’re Proud to Work in Cannabis.

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