2022 Report: LGBTQIA+ Representation in Cannabis

Jonathan Rose/Jun 07, 2022

hero-graphic-2022 Report: LGBTQIA+ Representation in Cannabis

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The cannabis industry and LGBTQ+ community have a unique historical relationship. The compassionate care movement of the 1980s and 1990s paved the way for the multibillion-dollar industry we know today.

Today, LGBTQIA+ representation within the cannabis industry is double that of the general U.S. population, and is leaps and bounds above traditional corporate America, according to Vangst data. With that strength of diversity comes great responsibility when it comes to workplace culture and benefits.

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This report, released during Pride Month, 2022, includes:

  • A brief history of the compassionate care movement
  • A look at overall diversity within the cannabis industry
  • Key insights on LGBTQIA+ representation within the cannabis workforce
  • Recommendations on building a more inclusive workplace for all budgets

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