Live Now: The Vangst 2023 Cannabis Jobs Report

Vangst/Apr 10, 2023

hero-graphic-Live Now: The Vangst 2023 Cannabis Jobs Report

The industry’s definitive survey of cannabis jobs now lives at Vangst!

How many jobs are supported by America’s legal cannabis industry? We have the answer.

The 2023 Vangst Jobs Report found there are now 417,493 full-time equivalent jobs supported by legal cannabis in the U.S. That’s a surprising result – a 2% drop in employment since early 2022. It’s the first time legal cannabis jobs have declined year-over-year since the modern legal era began in 2012. This year’s report explains why that happened, and also reveals:

  • The top ten states for cannabis employment in 2023
  • Why the pandemic’s end led to job losses
  • How inflation and interest rates are affecting hiring
  • Which states gained the most cannabis jobs last year
  • Which states lost the most cannabis jobs last year
  • Why we expect hiring to quicken – and where prospects are brightest

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A New Home for a Trusted Report

From 2017 to 2022, Leafly and Whitney Economics partnered to produce the Cannabis Jobs Report, an annual tally of jobs supported by America’s regulated cannabis industry. This year Leafly is passing the torch to Vangst, who is proud to publish the 2023 Jobs Report and continue its legacy of solid economic data and timely, accurate information. Jobs Report creator Bruce Barcott and economist Beau Whitney, founder of Whitney Economics, are once again at the helm of the report.

Click here to download the full report.

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