3 Takeaways from the Vangst GIGS Webinar

Vangst/Jan 20, 2023

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3 Takeaways from Vangst’s “Advancing Your Career Through Contract Gigs” Webinar

In November, we reported that the gig economy was 50 thousand strong. Since then, we’ve seen this number grow, as layoffs continue to plague many industries, and as both professionals and businesses have begun to turn to creative solutions to find a consistent salary and to fill business gaps.

Here at Vangst, we are dedicated to walking alongside job seekers and hiring managers as the hiring landscape evolves through these tumultuous times. With this in mind, we have been hard at work building out and expanding Vangst GIGS, Vangst’s temporary employment that offers individuals at any stage of their career the ability to work with leading companies in the industry, on a temporary or temp-to-hire basis.

In December 2022, we hosted a webinar titled: “Advancing Your Career Through Contract Gigs,” which was hosted by a panel of leading Vangst recruiters. Thank you to everyone who attended – No matter how you found our webinar, we are grateful you took the time to learn from us. If you weren’t able to attend, have no fear, because here are 3 takeaways from “Advancing Your Career Through Contract Gigs”:

1. There are lots of benefits to working in the gig economy

While the obvious advantages of the gig economy for professionals is the freedom and flexibility that comes with temporary and temp-to-hire work, at its core the gig economy provides a paycheck to professionals who are looking for increased capital or a couple extra bucks, without the strings attached. Here are a few other advantages of the gig economy that we discussed in the webinar:

  • The gig economy allows professionals to explore a new and exciting industry, or new field within cannabis, with little commitment
  • As a result of a W2 paycheck, gig workers don’t have to worry about surprise tax bills at the end of the year
  • Professionals enjoy not only freedom and flexibility in work schedule, but also in the style of employment (i.e. do you want to be working in a field or do you want to be working behind a counter?)
  • Vangst GIGS gives professionals the ability to strengthen their resumes and level-up their careers with direct industry experience that is often difficult to come by

2. Vangst GIGS is available for professionals with all levels of industry and career experience

The cannabis industry, like any other industry, needs professionals with all different types of and levels of skills. Oftentimes this means that more specialized roles at non-cannabis organizations look very similar at cannabis organizations, and require what we call “transferable skills.” These are skills such as accounting, business development, and engineering that require knowledge that is industry-ambiguous, and can be transferred into the cannabis industry seamlessly.

Additionally, while it’s easy to assume that temporary positions in cannabis only consist of entry-level positions, the reality is that people with all levels of experience can take advantage of the gig economy. From entry-level to top executive positions, Vangst GIGS is a great way to gain tangible cannabis knowledge to pair with skills gained from other industries.

3. Vangst GIGS spans all business verticals

The truth is that Vangst GIGS don’t just span one vertical of the industry, but rather all of them. Whether you’re looking for a weekend side hustle working in the weeds, literally, or are looking to provide high-level guidance to businesses in a budding industry, Vangst GIGS wants to be a part of your gig worker journey! Here is a glimpse into some of the verticals and roles that are included in Vangst GIGS:

Production – Much like agriculture roles outside of cannabis, production-based roles directly interact with the plant and help begin the supply chain process.

These roles include:

  • Trimmer
  • Packager
  • Cultivation Technician
  • Extraction Technician
  • Lab Technician

Seasonal Support – As with most industries, the cannabis industry experiences times of increased productivity, such as Croptober and 4/20, which require a few additional hands to fill in the gaps.

These roles include may be plant-touching or non-plant-touching and include:

  • Budtender
  • Compliance Specialist
  • Post-Harvest Specialist
  • Edibles Specialist

Freelance – During these tumultuous economic times, many professionals are choosing to prioritize independence and flexibility by pursuing freelance careers. This in turn offers high-level services to companies who are looking to keep their head-count down.

These roles include:

  • Graphic Designer
  • AP/AR Specialist
  • Sales Analyst
  • Subject Matter Expert

Interim Leadership Roles – Whether it’s helping a business get on their feet in a new market, filling a hole left by company downsizing, or a company just looking to level up their strategy, Vangst GIGS works with high-level professionals and executives

These roles include:

  • Fractional C-Suite Leaders
  • HR Manager
  • Licensing Consultant
  • Finance Controller
  • General Business Consultant

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