4 Reasons Why a Temporary GIG Can Help Your Career

Ellie Herring / Aug 19, 2019
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When planning your next career move, various opportunities may present themselves across job boards, company websites and recruiter communications. With all of that opportunity, it’s easy to fall into the habit of excluding certain positions. You may glaze over temporary or contract work, but there are valuable opportunities in these types of positions you may be missing.

In the cannabis industry, temporary jobs are common during busy harvest seasons like Croptober or high-traffic holidays such as 4/20. Cannabis grow operations and dispensaries hire seasonal workers to help keep up with the demand during these high volume times. Often, temporary gigs pay just as much as their full-time counterparts. **If you’re looking for a full-time career in cannabis, don’t miss out on valuable resources by overlooking temporary positions due to their shorter length of employment. **Temporary gigs can help boost your resume and career goals in a variety of ways — here are our top four benefits to landing a temporary job in the cannabis industry.


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If you’re new to the cannabis industry, temporary gigs are an invaluable opportunity to try out a position before you commit to a full-time career. Most temporary gigs fall in the retail, cultivation, and manufacturing sides of the business. Common temporary gigs available in the cannabis space include trimming, packaging, harvesting, budtending, cultivation, extraction, food production, warehouse and brand ambassador roles. There are ample positions available throughout the entire plant process for you to try. 

A temporary gig provides the opportunity to test drive your next career. What might seem like the perfect fit on paper may in reality, be an unsustainable career path for your needs. Temporary jobs allow you to adequately experience the extent of the role without committing to an indefinite amount of time. By giving your next career path a test run, you save time on future applications by determining if this is the right career path for you.


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 Do you hope to manage a dispensary or grow operation? Gaining experience in the various positions you may manage can help you better understand the operational practices of the business. Experiencing the processes of various cannabis positions allow you to suggest improvements and better connect with the different teams within the cannabis industry. 

While some operations may stick to rigid job duties, many companies rely on the entire team to ensure a successful harvest. That means, if you’re a grower, you might assist in trimming or packaging duties during a busy harvest season if additional help is needed.** Having prior experience in these positions help your resume stand out to employers who are familiar with the woes of busy seasons.**


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With thousands of applicants interested in the cannabis industry, resumes can easily get overlooked. Temporary gigs are often easier to land and offer an opportunity to meet key industry players directly. While you shouldn’t plead your case for a full-time job during your temporary gig at inappropriate times, **casually mentioning that you’re interested in a lasting career in cannabis may open the door to future opportunities when they arise. **

With this in mind, make sure to take your temporary gig seriously. Showing up on time, exceeding expectations and maintaining impeccable quality control are equally as important in a full-time career as they are in a temporary gig. Impress the staff with your killer skills and you’ll remain top of mind when a full-time position becomes available.


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If you’re looking to work in the cannabis industry but don’t have any experience, it may be tough to land a full-time job. Many temporary gigs in the cannabis space require no prior cannabis experience, which make gigs the perfect opportunity to get some relevant experience on your resume. **Temporary jobs can help get your foot in the door to full-time careers by providing necessary prior experience many full-time positions require. **

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