Javier Hasse on Chasing the Cannabis Industry's 'North Star'

Jonathan Rose/Sep 12, 2022

hero-graphic-Javier Hasse on Chasing the Cannabis Industry's 'North Star'
Photo Credit: Provided by Javier Hasse

Cannabis can be a cut-throat business, but there's a common bond the industry shares.

Rivalries. Competition. Camaraderie. Despite seemingly infinite verticals and intense competition, the cannabis industry is united and guided by its own "North Star," or shared goal: Legalization of the plant. And perhaps no journalist has covered the business side of this industry as intently and intensely as Javier Hasse.

The Argentinian CEO of Spanish-language, cannabis-focused news publication El Planteo just so happens to be the managing director of Benzinga Cannabis.

In today's Proud to Work in Cannabis episode, Vangst CEO Karson Humiston talks to Javier about that 'North Star,' trailblazing a new form of finance journalism and the fundamentals of launching a cannabis business — and gets an inside look at what to expect at the September 2022 Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference.

"I try to cover as much as possible," Javier told Karson. "Like, I I built a career and a reputation in cannabis for trying to cover as much as possible — for trying to shine a light on on the big, the small, the medium, the underserved, the underdogs and the multibillionaire. It's inclusion for me that that matters."

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