Vangst Member Spotlight: Cannabis Connections

Chevelle Taylor / Apr 01, 2021
hero-graphic-Vangst Member Spotlight: Cannabis Connections

Knowing where to start when it comes to networking is easier said than done. Even a new industry like cannabis is no exception. We're here to introduce you to some of our coolest new members. Get to know them here and then connect with them on Vangst.

Shalina Kaur Pannu

" I am a cannabis attorney in California and I also run my own lifestyle brand called “Shal We Toke?”, a passion project I started back in law school.

As a cannabis attorney, I focus on the business side of the cannabis space and help businesses thrive in the legalized market.

Legal services I provide include, but are not limited to: business formation, contracts, agreements, licensing, compliance, trademarks, trade secret protections, advertising review, and events. My goal is to help bring a person or company’s vision to light through the legalized market."


Matthew Choate

"It's 2021 and we are all ready for a shake-up to the systems that no longer serve us as individuals and as a group. I don't want the marijuana industry to be another shackle for the downtrodden like alcohol has become. I want to lead the charge in bringing marijuana into its pride of place in the wellness space. Helping to drive policy, research, advertising, messaging, that shift the narrative of this drug. Helping marijuana become synonymous with a new movement in America.

I believe the marijuana industry is uniquely poised to lead this change and I want to help discover this new narrative."

Matthew’s background in copywriting and marketing shines through the words he writes. “The stories we tell are very much who we are.” And he loves to take traditional marketing strategies and marry them with new technologies.


Hector Casillas

"There are 3 key reasons driving my interest in the industry:

  1. It's resilient. In 2020 the industry became essential and YOY sales increased
  2. The health benefits. Mental and body-healing properties from the plant are paramount for our communities.
  3. The future. There is so much more to learn from the plant. It's exciting to see the ongoing research, upcoming federal regulations changes, and the industry's international expansion."

Hector has 15 years of experience in the energy sector and is looking to make his cannabis crossover. He also loves music (drumming/production) and sports (basketball and ultimate frisbee). And he's learning about brewing, cooking and carpentry!


Jennipher Grasso

"I founded an inclusive cannabis consulting company that advocates for marginalization & facilitates the fair representation of minorities within the cannabis industry. I have been in the cannabis industry for over eight years. Since cannabis is medicine... I want to help bring it into its rightful place in the medicinal, financial, and wellness sectors."

Jennipher is a cannabis sales rep who knows how to navigate between the grey and the legitimate markets. Throughout her eight years of industry experience, she worked and supported seven cannabis businesses.


Ryan Consitt

"I take pride in my versatility and diversified list of experiences. It has molded me into an esteemed professional with adaptability and a willingness to venture outside of my comfort zone to be successful. I hope to apply that same drive and dedication throughout my transition to the cannabis industry.

Despite challenges along the way, I have a passion and a renewed energy for the Cannabis industry. Now I'm turning the page and beginning a new chapter with much greater goals."

Ryan’s focus is on a career path in cultivation and grow operations. And with all the continued growth of new markets across the US, he’s also interested in expansion.


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