So You Want to Be a Cannabis Marketing Pro?

Jonathan Rose/Aug 24, 2022

hero-graphic-So You Want to Be a Cannabis Marketing Pro?
Photo Credit: Provided by Wana Brands

This week's Proud to Work in Cannabis podcast provides insights from one of the best marketers in cannabis.

Marketing is a tough job — and it's even tougher in the highly regulated world of cannabis.

And while a lot has changed in the industry over the past decade, one thing that hasn't is the fundamentals. Wana Brands Chief Marketing Officer Joe Hodas sat down and chatted with Vangst CEO Karson Humiston about his journey from the "traditional" advertising industry to leading the marketing of some of the biggest brands in cannabis.

His work at Wana Brands has led to the edible giant's expansion into 15 states and two countries — and the brand recently struck a $298M deal with Canopy Growth.

"For any marketer in the space, you have to understand, have respect for, a passion for the plant. I mean, that maybe sounds like the stereotypical or typical to say, but think a lot of them miss that," Hodas said when asked to offer advice to aspiring cannabis marketing professionals. "The marketers in particular get the idea of adventure and, like, starting a new industry and blank slate and all that. That's great. [But] If you don't understand, have a fundamental understanding, of the plant, and why it's a special thing, you're probably not going to be a great marketer in cannabis."

Whether you're looking to get into cannabis marketing to build a great brand or are trying to build a team, this episode is a must-listen. The key is always finding the right fit for both employers and their staff, Joe said, and this is how you do it.

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