Countdown to Croptober: Harvesting Cannabis Dreams

Vangst/Aug 24, 2023

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Photo Credit: Erico Marcelino

After months of dedication and care in nurturing outdoor cannabis plants, the season of Fall brings a joyful harvest for cultivators. Cannabis, a plant that follows a yearly cycle, takes about 10 months to reach its full growth. In regions with changing climates, this exciting period arrives between late September and early November, and it's a time filled with magic and rewards.

Understanding the Essence of Croptober

Croptober marks the culmination of hard work for outdoor cultivators. During this season, they engage in activities like cutting, drying, curing, and trimming their freshly grown cannabis buds. These buds then find their way to consumers through dispensaries, offering a bountiful array of options.

For those cultivating cannabis in the Northern Hemisphere, Croptober is the much-anticipated moment of the year. It's a time when their diligent efforts manifest in the form of sun-kissed cannabis plants, adorned with trichome-rich buds that release delightful terpenes.

When Does Croptober Take Place?

Croptober unfolds throughout the entirety of October and the early weeks of November. Around 80% to 85% of cannabis plants are ready for harvest during this time. The focus of Croptober mainly lies in the Northern Hemisphere due to the changing weather patterns that influence cannabis growth.

As summer winds down in the Northern Hemisphere, the days become shorter. This natural change prompts outdoor cannabis plants to develop an extra layer of resin, enhancing their potency and terpene profiles. This shift signifies that the harvest time is approaching.

Croptober Facts

  • The transition from summer to fall prompts outdoor cannabis plants to increase their resin production, contributing to potency and terpenes.
  • Some cannabis plants can tower over 12 feet depending on the strain, resulting in impressive yields for outdoor cultivation.
  • Outdoor growing allows for bulk cannabis production due to lower overhead costs and fewer plant quantity restrictions.
  • California is a major hub for outdoor cultivation, contributing significantly to the US cannabis supply.
  • Croptober's abundance in harvested flower may cause price drops in the market, benefitting consumers.

Croptober's Role in Balancing the Cannabis Market

Croptober showcases the balance various cultivation methods bring to the cannabis industry. While California's conditions favor outdoor cultivation, the market demands a variety of cannabis products. "Top-shelf" cannabis found in dispensaries is often grown indoors or in controlled greenhouses. Croptober acts as a remedy for supply shortages, referred to as a "drought" in the cannabis community. This season floods the market with an array of sun-grown cannabis, meeting diverse consumer needs. Dispensaries that educate customers on the benefits of outdoor cannabis uplift both revenues and sustainable farming practices.

Proud to Work in Cannabis

Embracing the journey of cannabis cultivation is a remarkable feat, whether you're a cultivator, a consumer, or someone intrigued by the industry's marvels. Croptober illuminates the essence of dedication, passion, and growth in this dynamic field. As the cannabis community flourishes and diversifies, the possibilities for contributing to its success are boundless.

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