Featured Company of the Week: Cannabiz Media

Catherine DeMuro / Oct 10, 2018
hero-graphic-Featured Company of the Week: Cannabiz Media

Have you ever had a life-changing idea in the shower?

While riding the bus to work? Or drifting off to sleep?

Our best ideas often blossom from the most random situations, when our brains find respite from the noise of everyday life.

For Larry Schwartz, the lightbulb moment took place in the middle of a long bike ride with an old friend.

He was cycling with Ed Keating when the idea for Cannabiz media was born.

Today, the cannabis license tracking database is an essential resource for cannabis companies and investors alike!


“The [cannabis] industry is like the wild west – everybody is charging toward a new horizon but it’s still fairly disorganized,” said Cannabiz Media President Schwartz. “Cannabiz Media’s goal is simple: bring order to the chaos.”

The company, which began as “The Marijuana Licensing Reference Guide,” was created as a resource to understand all the nuances and regulations governing the cannabis industry.

Schwartz and Keating discussed the idea of starting a business together using Keating’s expertise in data research, government relations, and compliance; and Schwartz’s in sales, business development, and technology. The two friends brainstormed how to leverage their individual skill sets and identified what Schwartz describes as “a new frontier with cannabis.”

The idea evolved to focus on the key players of the industry – license holders – and the amount of data surrounding the application process and subsequent businesses.

From there, the License Database was formed and put Cannabiz on the path it is today.

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The Cannabiz Media License Database is the only customer relationship management (CRM) and lead database for the cannabis industry.

It provides business and contact information for over 30,000 licensed cannabis and hemp operations across 32 states and Canada.

“Our primary target is auxiliary vendors – such as light manufacturers, software, and cultivation product distributors to name a few – that have products and services to offer license holders and need a way to discover leads and build those relationships,” said Schwartz.


Cannabiz is comprised of a small team of individuals who all work virtually.

“Communication is key,” said Schwartz. “We are constantly talking with each other, which has also made us a very tight-knit team – you would never believe that some of us have never even met face to face!”


If you’re an excellent communicator with a passion for sales, you could be a part of the team. Cannabiz is hiring a West Coast Sales Representative through Vangst!

Vangst has recently hired several Sales Teams roles for Cannabiz.

cannabizmedia tradeshow


According to Schwartz, the top skill he seeks in a candidate is the ability to work virtually.

“It sounds dreamy; but the truth is, it takes a lot of drive and a strong social network outside of work to be successful and happy long-term,” he said.

Cannabiz also seeks self-starters to join their team.

“We’re a small team comprised of intelligent people who wear a lot of hats and don’t wait to be told what to do.”

As for the interview process, expect the unexpected.

“The one question I always ask candidates during an interview is to tell me about their favorite TV show,” said Schwartz. “It’s so telling! It also comes with the added benefit of seeing how they think on the fly since it’s an unexpected question.”

Whether you prefer Shameless or The Sopranos, be prepared to explain your preferred program to your interviewer with all the passion you felt after that fateful final episode.


Above all, Cannabiz aims to inform – and constantly improve.

“Our software is in a constant state of evolution to better serve our clients,” said Schwartz. “That means our team needs to proactively adapt to new challenges and be prepared to think outside the box.”

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