The Importance of Skills Development in the Cannabis Industry

Vangst/Sep 25, 2023

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In the ever-evolving world of cannabis, opportunities are blossoming like never before. Whether you're already working in the industry or dreaming of a career in cannabis, there's a secret sauce that can elevate your success: skills development. As the cannabis landscape continues to grow, so does the demand for skilled professionals. Today we'll explore why honing your skills is crucial and how Vangst Learn can be your guiding star on this exciting journey.

Why is Skills Development Important in the Cannabis Industry?

  • Rapid Growth and Innovation: The cannabis industry is constantly evolving, with new products, technologies, and regulations emerging regularly. To stay ahead, you need to keep learning and adapting. Developing your skills ensures you can navigate these changes with confidence.
  • Quality Matters: Whether you're a grower, budtender, or work in any other cannabis-related role, the quality of your work directly impacts the product and, in turn, customer satisfaction. Sharpening your skills ensures that you can consistently deliver excellence.
  • Career Advancement: Advancing your career in the cannabis industry often requires specialized knowledge and expertise. The more skilled you are, the more opportunities for growth you'll encounter.
  • Regulatory Compliance: In the tightly regulated cannabis industry, compliance is key. Skills development can help you understand and adhere to the complex web of rules and regulations, reducing the risk of costly mistakes.

The Cannabis Education Gap

Despite the burgeoning cannabis industry, there's a significant gap in education and training. Many traditional educational institutions haven't caught up with the rapid changes in the industry. This leaves aspiring cannabis professionals searching for reliable sources of knowledge.

At Vangst, we're your industry navigators, tracking real-time hiring trends with our handpicked network of cannabis professionals, job seekers, and entrepreneurs. Let's dive into the state of cannabis industry training, revealed through recent social media polls.

  • Cannabis Training Gap: Shockingly, 30% of cannabis pros never had formal training, while only 20% received training in the past year, and 22% got their start with job-specific training. This industry-wide skills shortage can impede career growth and business success, especially in a fast-paced, competitive sector.
  • Keeping Current: A whopping 49% of our network relies on social media to stay industry-savvy, with 36% trusting industry publications and blogs, while 7% opt for podcasts and webinars. This highlights the pivotal role of online resources in meeting professionals where they thrive.
  • Hungry for Learning: An emphatic 69% eagerly embrace the opportunity for free specialized cannabis training. Their thirst for knowledge is undeniable.
  • Empowering Talent: To attract, support, and keep top professionals, companies must invest in continuous training and education. Surprisingly, just 4% offer regular cannabis training, 12% provide it as needed, while a startling 49% offer no training at all. This gap underscores the need for self-driven learning in the cannabis industry.

That's where Vangst Learn comes into play!

Introducing Vangst Learn

Vangst Learn is the ultimate resource for those seeking to excel in the cannabis industry. Here's why it's your one-stop destination for skills development:

  • Stay Ahead and Grow: Vangst Learn empowers cannabis professionals to stay at the forefront of industry innovation. Access free lessons from industry leaders to apply directly to your career, whether you're entering the cannabis world or aiming to advance within it.
  • Stand Out with Applicable Knowledge: In a competitive market, Vangst Learn equips you with industry-specific skills that make your resume shine. Differentiate yourself with applicable lessons, boosting your candidacy in the cannabis job market.
  • Tailored Training, No Matter Your Level: Vangst Learn offers a diverse range of courses, from basic Cannabis 101 to advanced brand-specific training. Find the perfect fit to enhance your expertise, without being tethered to an organization's training schedule.
  • Flexible Learning, Your Way: Life doesn't always align with rigid schedules. Vangst Learn understands that. Our modularized lessons enable you to learn at your own pace, whether it's after work, during lunch, or even at 3 AM. Your cannabis education adapts to your lifestyle.
  • Learn from Industry Leaders: Vangst collaborates with renowned cannabis brands and businesses to curate a rich array of courses. Dive into specialized trainings brought to you by industry giants such as Wana Brands, Native Roots, Miss Grass, LeafLink, and many more!

Proud to Work in Cannabis

In the cannabis industry, your skills are your currency. The more you invest in developing them, the brighter your future will be. With Vangst Learn as your partner, you'll have the tools and knowledge to thrive in this exciting field. So, take that step forward, explore new horizons, and unlock your full potential in the ever-green world of cannabis!

Invest in your future today with Vangst Learn and watch your cannabis career soar to new heights. Don't let the education gap hold you back; seize the opportunity to grow and succeed!

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