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Posted by Catherine DeMuro / Aug 28, 2018

Featured Company of the Week: Dutchie

We’re used to waiting in line for everything. Our spicy poke bowls, our triple mocha double shot skinny lattes, and even our cannabis products.

Sometimes we get tired of standing around in line with no end in sight (we get really hungry before lunch, ok?).

Ross Lipson saw an opportunity to create a solution in the cannabis space. He is the co-founder and CEO of Dutchie, an online cannabis pickup and delivery service.

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Lipson previously worked in the online food ordering space, where he experienced and enjoyed the successful business model. When he moved to Oregon around the time that recreational cannabis became legal, there was an influx of dispensaries. Lipson couldn’t help but notice the huge lines out of every shop’s door and was inspired to help solve the problem.

“The idea of applying my knowledge of online ordering to the cannabis space was a no-brainer,” he said. “And thus the birth of Dutchie.”


Customers who use Dutchie can search local dispensaries in their area and to choose to to pick up an order or have it delivered.

Lipson says that the Dutchie team has a shared passion: to help shape and improve the consumer buying experience and to help promote local cannabis retailers.

They encourage a positive work environment and a healthy work-life balance for their employees.

“We have a very comfortable, relaxed, be and do as you please environment, as long as you perform well and get the job done,” Lipson said.

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Dutchie has recently hired several roles through Vangst!

Vangst hired an Account Executive, Customer Service Representative, and Sales Representative at Dutchie. They are currently hiring an Account Executive and Customer Service Representative through Vangst!


The standard interview process at Dutchie begins with a phone call or in-person meeting if possible. Next, there will be a reference check completed by the internal team before a follow-up call or meeting. If the candidate meets the qualifications for a role and is approved, they will receive an offer letter and employment agreement to join the Dutchie team.

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Lipson says that the ideal candidates for roles at Dutchie have experience in the cannabis space, preferably in technology. They should be a self-starter who is eager to help shape a company from the ground level and passionate about the service that Dutchie offers.

“We want to see the authenticity in your motivation for wanting to work at Dutchie!”

Most importantly, Lipson says, a candidate should understand the opportunity at hand and what it takes to seize it.



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