Featured Company of the Week: Good Meds

Catherine DeMuro/Sep 26, 2018

hero-graphic-Featured Company of the Week: Good Meds

There is no denying the healing properties of cannabis.

From overall pain relief to more serious treatments for medical disorders like epilepsy and anxiety, cannabis can help almost everyone in some way or another.

In Colorado, 88,000 individuals reap the benefits of this plant as registered patients of the medical cannabis program.

And at Good Meds, patients come first.


This award-winning seed to sale cannabis company is dedicated to the best possible patient care within the medical cannabis movement in Colorado.

They have a 90,000 square foot cultivation and extraction facility that is vertically integrated and supplies two dispensaries in the Denver market, in Lakewood and Englewood.

The Good Meds mission is to ensure that patients receive the highest level of service, cannabis education, and best customer experience possible.

GoodMeds Store

THE BACKSTORY Good Meds was founded in 2009 by CEO John Knapp, a pioneer in the legal cannabis industry with over 10 years of experience in the Colorado market and globally.

Knapp holds one of the oldest medical licenses in Colorado. He is experienced in the design and operation of cGMP grade cannabis cultivation and extraction facilities.

According to Caitlin Fitzpatrick, Director of Marketing at Good Meds, the company evolved from a single-caregiver/wholesale operation to a thriving business with over 65 employees under the direction of Knapp. They have a state-of-the-art extraction processing and analysis laboratory and have designed and implemented seven commercial cultivation facilities in four years. Knapp’s ‘smart design’ approach to the industry was even featured 60 Minutes.


“At Good Meds, we often talk about ourselves as the Good Meds family,” said Fitzpatrick. “Our team shares core values such as trust, honesty, engagement and, of course, a passion for cannabis.”

The Good Meds team is creative and collaborative, and always strives to improve and maintain their entrepreneurial spirit.

“Our full-spectrum business offers employees the opportunity to always learn and grow professionally through cross-training, leadership training, and movement within the company,” said Fitzpatrick.

But this team leaves plenty of time for fun. They host weekly staff happy hours, participate in many industry events, and give back to the local community through the Good Meds Cares initiative.

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Good Meds recently hired a Patient Care Specialist through Vangst. They are currently working with  Vangst GIGS to fill a contract-to-hire Budtender position!

According to Fitzpatrick, a Good Meds candidate should have experience in the Colorado cannabis industry, a good employment history, good communication skills, a current MED Badge and excellent customer service. The Good Meds team also ensures that every hire is a good culture fit for the organization.


While the interview process varies by position, all interview processes start with a phone interview from the HR department.

From there, they schedule an in-person interview with the hiring manager. With some roles, the next step is a working interview. With others, a second follow-up interview with the Director of the department takes place. Good Meds typically has candidates meet with the team multiple times and interview with various people within the organization.

At each stage of the interview process, they look for job-specific skills, representation of their core values, relevant job qualities, and a good cultural fit. Once they have identified the ideal candidate for our offer, they check references. If those references check out, they make an offer and begin the onboarding process.


“Our grass is greener at Good Meds,” said Fitzpatrick. “We truly enjoy what we do. While the work can be challenging at times in the constantly evolving and fast-paced industry, we have fun while doing it.”


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