Featured Company of the Week: Green Tank Technologies

Catherine DeMuro / Oct 28, 2018
hero-graphic-Featured Company of the Week: Green Tank Technologies

We get it, world – you vape. And you deserve to be doing it right.

The idea for Green Tank Technologies was born when future CEO Dustin Koffler noticed his friends were vaping cannabis extract out of outdated vape hardware at his best friend’s wedding in 2015.

He was an employee of the e-cigarette industry and knew there had to be a more efficient way to vape cannabis. This realization led Dustin and his brother Corey to work to innovate the industry by developing a new cannabis-specific vape hardware. Their teamwork led to the creation of Green Tank Technologies.



Green Tank Technologies designs, develops, engineers, and customizes a range of different vaporizers specifically for cannabis extracts. Their repertoire includes upgraded cartridges, disposable pens, pod-based systems, and more. They use True-Taste Ceramic Core Technology for full flavor and maximum terpene profiles. Creating a high-quality product requires a high-quality team.

“The culture at Green Tank Technologies is fun, open, and collaborative,” said Director of Brand Development Derek Champoux.

“We try to surround ourselves with people that understand the industry, and understand what it is going to take in order to make Green Tank a reputable brand partner.”


If you’re passionate about creating a superior vaping experience, Green Tank would love to talk to you – they are hiring through Vangst!

Green Tank is currently seeking Regional & National Sales Reps, National Sales Managers, Junior Accountant, and Creative Coordinator (with graphic design background).



According to Champoux, Green Tank seeks creative problem-solvers with a positive attitude who have the ability to wear many hats and quickly adapt to the ever-changing industry landscape.

“With the cannabis industry in its infancy and becoming more mainstream, the ability to adapt and think on your feet in this ever changing landscape is extremely important,” he said. “You cannot remain complacent at the risk of falling behind the rest of the field.”

The interview process typically starts with a qualitative phone interview. The second step involves a first meeting with either a direct manager or with the executive team. A second in-person interview will be conducted before the candidate receives an initial offer.

“The value of being able to adapt and quickly think on your feet can not be emphasized enough,” said Champoux.

"The cannabis industry is young, and growing at a rapid pace. Everyone is growing and learning together, which is what makes it so exciting.”

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