Featured Company of the Week: Mule Extracts

Catherine DeMuro / Oct 31, 2018
hero-graphic-Featured Company of the Week: Mule Extracts

Shakespeare famously wrote, “what’s in a name?”

Those star-crossed lovers he wrote of believed a name was meaningless.

But to this Oregon cannabis company, a name means everything.

Mule Extracts is an artisan cannabis processor dedicated to bringing the true taste to extracted cannabis to consumers.

mule extracts logo on white


So why a mule?

It speaks to the concept of dependability, which Mule Extracts was founded upon and continues to uphold through its products and service.

Co-owners and brothers John and Wilder Sampson explained the sturdy creature was chosen as their company emblem because it is known for transporting food and essential items throughout history.

“At Mule Extracts, we strive to give our customers the same dependability [as mules],” said Wilder. “Just like mules have done for centuries before us, we search Oregon for the finest ingredients to provide our consumers the best possible experience.”

Mule Extracts takes note from the extraction techniques used in other industries and redefines them for the cannabis industry.

“We recognize that discerning consumers need an entirely organic craft product tailored to fit their active lifestyle, while taking advantage of nutritional and therapeutic benefits the flower has to offer,” said John.

“At Mule we continuously strive for “individuality” … we are always searching for new formulations and products to bring to market that will provide an incredibly unique experience.”


Founded in 2017, Mule Extracts is the culmination of a family interest in the cannabis industry.

“We have followed cannabis legalization intently, and the Oregon market is particularly attractive due to its size and low barriers to entry,” said John. “It also offers discriminating consumers who appreciate our artisanal approach.”

The owners initially considering establishing a grow, but quickly switched to processing using using carbon dioxide.

They believed that consumers would switch to vaping from smoking and feared an oversupply of flower. Having decided on processing, they located a property in Estacada, Oregon, built a 3,600 square foot facility and applied for their OLCC licenses.

“We have also developed relationships with key partners such as Vangst to procure essential services and supplies,” said John.

"Currently, we are marketing vape oils and infused sugar with tinctures soon to follow".

Mule Extracts uses modern extraction processes that preserve terpenes and essential oils. These are the components that help preserve the smell and taste of the strain in their products.

Wilder describes their process as:

“true to the farm, true to the bud, and true to you.”

mule extracts product packaging


This is a family owned and operated start-up cannabis company where every employee is a hands-on contributor. That means that employees at Mule Extracts need to wear many different hats.

“At one moment you could be working in the lab operating the extraction machine and the very next you could be on the road driving out to sell our product to dispensaries,” said John.

But the team loves to balance their hard work with their free time, too. Their weekends are full of Oregon adventures from snowboarding at Mount Hood, to kiteboarding on the Gorge, to surfing at Pacific City.


If this sounds like your ideal work environment, take note – Mule Extracts is hiring!

They are seeking to hire a Director of Sales through Vangst!

This role is directly responsible for overseeing the company’s sales goals and the entire sales team. They hope to fill this role before the launch of a new product later this fall.

Vangst recently hired a Director of Extraction, Kyle Farook, for Mule!

Farook is responsible for formulating and producing products.

“Kyle is hardworking, compassionate, ambitious, and indeed has all the qualifications to become a true Mule Extract partner,” John said.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Vangst in identifying candidates."

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The Mule team evaluates candidates using four categories: relevant experience, relevant education, interview presence, and leadership ability.

Their ideal candidate is someone with significant past experience in their field and a proven track record of success. Candidates should have a role-relevant education, preferably a graduate degree.

“In the interview process, we are attempting to determine if the candidate fits in with a small business, start-up environment where multitasking is rampant,” Wilder said.

“And we are a growing company, so we are looking for candidates who will grow into leadership roles.”

Motivated individuals with great leadership and time management skills who can work in an ever-changing environment are ideal.

According to the Mule team, Vangst helps them make the interview process structured and straightforward.

The interview process at Mule Extracts involves a phone interview and then an in-person interview. A candidate participating in a face-to-face interview should expect to interview with current employees and principal shareholders.


Mule Extracts had an amazing experience hiring through Vangst!

“The Vangst team was very responsive and helpful throughout the entire process,” Wilder said.

“Vangst was around at all hours of the day to answer any questions we had about the whole process, which was very pleasant. I would say Mule Extracts has made some friends for life in Vangst.”

The number one thing that Mule Extracts would like potential candidates to know about them?

“One person never does great things. People do great things.”

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