Featured Company of the Week: Wurk

Catherine DeMuro/Jul 11, 2018

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All businesses need the ability to take care of their employees, and cannabis businesses are no exception.

After hearing complaints that various the cannabis companies had been dropped by various payroll and HR service providers, Wurk founder Keegan Peterson realized that there were no compliant, cannabis-specific workforce management solutions serving the needs of the industry.

He founded Wurk in August 2015, and the company now serves hundreds of cannabis organizations across 29 states!

Wurk allows employers to protect and streamline their operations while providing an environment where employees are a priority every step of the way. It is designed specifically for emerging and highly regulated industries to automate processes associated with onboarding, scheduling, and paying employees.

According to Human Resources representative Britta Peterson, Wurk is a “family” of passionate and collaborative team players.

“We take pride in supporting the growing needs of the cannabis industry and strive every day to help our customers flourish in a changing, and often challenging regulatory environment,” she says.

Wurk office employees

In their ‘Wurk Hard, Play Hard’ culture, Wurk focuses on the core values that include a pursuit for customer success, embracing intellectual curiosity, fostering collaboration and creativity in problem-solving, autonomy, and encouraging respect and transparency.

If this sounds like a great company culture fit for you, you’re in luck – Wurk is hiring!

They are currently seeking to fill roles in both the sales and services departments. There are open positions for Account Executives and Business Development Representatives for the former, as well as an Implementation Specialist (time, HR, payroll experts), Project Managers, and Customer Support Specialists for the latter.

An individual who is interviewing at Wurk can expect to engage in a series of phone calls with a team member. During these calls, they will become familiarized with the company and discuss their background, experience, and technical ability. The final step will be an in-person interview with a manager and other team member to discuss goals, objectives, and the candidate’s overall fit with the team and company culture.

Wurk team photo

Peterson shares that the ideal candidates are “motivated and goal-oriented individuals who believe in the success of the customers and providing a solution that will help cannabis companies flourish, as well as tons of passion, enthusiasm, and humor!”

Candidates with background in SaaS, HR, Payroll, and Human Capital Management are always ideal, but Wurk loves broadening its culture and environment with employees who share their experiences and turn them into ideas.

“The cannabis industry exists to facilitate a healthier and happier community, and our responsibility is to protect the people and businesses of the cannabis industry so they can focus their energy on making social change in the world we live,” says Peterson. “We believe with amazing people on our team we will make a difference!”

Wurk team at event

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