From Medical to Recreational: Maryland Dispensaries Expand their Green Empire

Vangst/Jul 12, 2023

hero-graphic-From Medical to Recreational: Maryland Dispensaries Expand their Green Empire

Unveiling the Transition: How Maryland Dispensaries are Capitalizing on the Shift from Medical to Recreational Cannabis

Maryland's recent launch of the adult-use cannabis market has opened up exciting opportunities for those currently working in the cannabis industry or aspiring to join this thriving field. As the first legal recreational market in the region, Maryland offers a promising landscape for growth and development. Let’s explore the key highlights of Maryland's adult-use cannabis market, the requirements for working in the industry, and the potential it holds for career advancement.

Maryland's Approach to the Adult-Use Market

Sales began in Maryland only eight months after voters approved Question 4, a state referendum, with nearly two-thirds of the vote. What's remarkable is how quickly Maryland was able to get its adult-use market up and running. They achieved this by allowing dispensaries that were already facilitating the medical cannabis market to expand their operations into the adult-use market as well. This transition occurred on July 1, 2023, shortly after Curio Wellness, the largest adult and medical use dispensary in Maryland, discussed the topic on "Proud to Work in Cannabis" podcast. However, this approach has raised concerns as the previous medical cannabis market in Maryland did not have any minority operators. The state aims to address this issue when they award adult-use licenses to businesses that weren't previously licensed in the medical market. Currently, 95 licenses from medical dispensaries have been converted to serve recreational customers, with support from 42 licensed cannabis cultivators and manufacturers.

Predictions for Maryland's Adult-Use Market

With the influx of recreational users, Maryland's adult-use market is expected to grow significantly. The previous Maryland Medical market served around 162,800 patients statewide, and experts predict that the total number of cannabis users will soar into the millions. State regulators estimate that the adult-use industry will generate approximately $600 million in its first year of sales, bringing in $54 million in revenue from licensing fees and taxes. Out of this revenue, around $19.7 million will be allocated to the Cannabis Public Health Fund, Cannabis Business Assistance Fund, Community Reinvestment and Repair Fund, as well as county and state budgets. Will Tillburg, the acting director of the Maryland Cannabis Administration, even predicts that regulated sales of cannabis in Maryland will triple in 2023 due to recreational sales.

Record Expungement in Maryland

Maryland has taken steps to rectify past injustices related to cannabis possession. As of January 1, 2023, individuals incarcerated after being convicted of cannabis possession in Maryland can apply for resentencing to the court that sentenced them. Those not serving concurrent or consecutive sentences for other crimes will be released from incarceration, while others will be resentenced to time served. This change reflects Maryland's commitment to social equity and rectifying the consequences of outdated cannabis laws.

Purchasing Cannabis in Maryland's Adult-Use Market

To purchase cannabis in Maryland's adult-use market, individuals must be 21 years or older with a valid ID. You don't need a Maryland license to make a purchase. The limits for purchase include 1.5 ounces of flower, 12 grams of concentrates, and edibles with up to 750 mg of THC. Adults are allowed to grow up to two marijuana plants indoors. Smoking in public places is prohibited, and selling cannabis without a proper license is illegal. Additionally, there is a 9% sales tax on recreational cannabis products.

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