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Posted by Ellie Herring / Nov 22, 2019

Hot Jobs in the Cannabis Industry for 2020

Our salary guide uncovered some of the hottest cannabis jobs in store for 2020. Some industry classics like budtender jobs remain steady, while new positions like delivery drivers, sales reps and more are starting to gain traction. Dispensary jobs are still in demand as more states continue to legalize.

New year, new career. For some, 2020 marks the beginning of a new chapter. For the cannabis industry, 2020 is brings hope to more states. With nine states considering adult use or medical cannabis for the 2020 ballot, the industry is moving forward full steam ahead. With ongoing legalization, the industry has fully adopted a professional marketplace. Most people know of growers and budtenders, but the industry is expanding way beyond these common cannabis positions. 

Opportunities ranging from sales reps to web developers, HR managers to trimmers are becoming available throughout the legal industry. Now that cannabis lounges are legal in Colorado and California, you can even become a host at a cannabis tasting room. For cannabis lovers, it’s basically a dream come true. 

Some job staples like budtenders will remain in high demand, while other sectors are starting to cater to more of a variety of skill sets. Our 2019 cannabis industry salary guide serves as a benchmark tool for current hiring trends and compensation averages for common positions in the industry. Our findings uncovered some of the hottest jobs of the year, which are expected to remain in demand for 2020. Whether you’re new to the industry or simply looking to switch up your career, keep your eye on these hot cannabis jobs for fresh opportunities in 2020.

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Director of Cultivation – This high-level position oversees the entire grow operation. Directors of Cultivation typically have years of experience managing a grow and an educational background in cultivation, horticulture or a similar field. When states first became legal, cultivators went through many rounds of trial and error to uncover the most effective way to grow cannabis on a large scale. Now that the legal industry has been around for years, new facilities are looking to hire experienced Directors of Cultivation with years of prior experience. As this is a demanding job, Directors of Cultivation are some of the highest-paid employees in cultivation. Directors of Cultivation can make between $60,000 and $120,000 annually, depending on years of experience and education. The average pay for a Director of Cultivation is around $87,000. While this certainly isn’t an entry-level job, it’s a lucrative position for experienced growers. 

Trimmers – While some companies choose to adopt machine trimmers for post-harvest, many businesses and consumers still value the delicate nature of hand trimming. Some businesses harvest cannabis plants every single day, so the presence of trimmer is a constant need. Trimming is a great place to start in the industry as a lot of companies hire trimmers with no prior experience, making it the perfect opportunity to get your foot in the door. Trimmers make between $11 and $17 per hour, with $14 per hour as the average. While trimming typically requires little prior experience, that doesn’t mean it’s without its difficulties. Trimming is a very detail-oriented and monotonous process, so the ability to focus on a single task for long periods of time is essential. 

Packagers – Packagers are similar to trimmers in the sense that the task requires a strong attention to detail and the ability to duplicate repetitive actions for a long period of time. Like all plant-touching positions, packagers must adhere to strict compliance laws that change regularly for packaging. Packagers make between $12 and $18 per hour depending on experience. Packaging roles average around $15 per hour. Those new to the industry can find cannabis jobs in packaging that require little to no experience, but as packaging is a role available in other industries, those with prior packaging experience will have the upper hand.

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Delivery Drivers – With the addition of Colorado’s marijuana delivery bill and California’s growing demand for cannabis delivery, delivery driving positions are on the rise for 2020. Unlike common food delivery jobs, cannabis delivery requires strict compliance and I.D. checking of age. Cannabis must be tracked from seed to sale and every product must be accounted for, so delivery drivers will need to have a high attention to detail and strict adherence to state compliance laws. The national average for delivery drivers across other industries is around $13 per hour, although with the necessity of stricter regulations, cannabis delivery jobs may earn more. 

Sales Representatives – The market is flooded with all kinds of cannabis products. From edibles to vapes, glass smoking accessories to creams, there is an endless amount of cannabis and cannabis-related products for dispensaries to stock. Businesses rely on sales representatives to get their products in front of dispensary purchasing managers. If you’re passionate about cannabis and have a background in sales, becoming a cannabis sales rep may be a lucrative option for you. Sales rep salaries vary greatly, as most sales positions work off of a commission-based structure. For this reason, sales reps must be self-motivated and have a strong work ethic.

Brand Ambassadors –  Much like sales reps, brand ambassadors are used to put a product in front of the market and help stand out from the clutter. Brand ambassadors are becoming a popular cannabis job for those who want a more flexible schedule. Many brand ambassadors work at retail locations during busy holidays, making this a popular dispensary job or an alternative to a budtending job for those who don’t want to work full-time but still like the dispensary atmosphere. Brand ambassadors rarely work full-time, instead, they are hired for special events like 4/20 or other high-traffic holidays to help boost sales. If you have an outgoing personality and enjoy the flexibility the schedule provides, a brand ambassador job may be for you. Brand ambassadors make between $17 to $25 per hour depending on the company and event.

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There are tons of opportunities out there for job seekers interested in joining the industry. Once you’re ready to join the industry, head over to our requirements by state tool to find out the requirements your state has in place to work in the cannabis industry. Good luck in your search!


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