Karson Humiston's Journey from Gradujuana to Vangst - A ProCO360 Podcast Exclusive!

Vangst/Jan 31, 2024

hero-graphic-Karson Humiston's Journey from Gradujuana to Vangst - A ProCO360 Podcast Exclusive!

The CEO of Vangst, Karson Humiston, sits down as a guest with Dave Tabor, host of the ProCO360 podcast. Karson shares her journey as an entrepreneur and how she found her niche in the cannabis industry by creating a jobs platform to connect cannabis workers with cannabis jobs.

From Gradujuana to Vangst

Karson started her entrepreneurial journey after running a student travel company and realizing she wanted to do something more impactful. She stumbled upon the cannabis industry and saw a need for a platform that could connect job seekers with cannabis companies. She started Gradujuana.com but she soon rebranded to Vangst to better reflect the company's mission.

Karson explained that the cannabis industry is unique in terms of job opportunities and the passion of its workers. Many people in the industry are passionate about cannabis legalization and social justice issues related to the war on drugs. However, there are also traditional job roles within cannabis companies, such as sales, marketing, HR, and finance.

Vangst differentiates itself from other job platforms by offering Vangst Gigs, a service that provides trained and badged workers on an as-needed basis. They also offer training courses for cannabis workers, helping them obtain the necessary credentials and skills for the industry.

From $500 Placements to VC Funding

Karson discussed the challenges she faced in raising funds for Vangst and how she eventually secured investments from Lerer Hippeau and Casa Verde. She emphasized the importance of having investors who understand the tech industry and can help scale the business.

Vangst Partnership with the State of Colorado

The conversation then shifted to Vangst's partnership with the state of Colorado. Vangst has collaborated with the state to provide training courses for equity license holders, specifically for individuals who were negatively impacted by the war on drugs and are now opening cannabis businesses. Vangst's goal is to expand this training partnership to offer courses to anyone interested in cannabis jobs.

Moving Forward

Karson also touched on the future of Vangst, which includes expanding into new states and deepening relationships with existing customers. She expressed her hope for the industry to achieve more wins and success, which would benefit everyone involved.

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