Lantern CEO Meredith Mahoney on startups, hiring, and federal prohibition

Jonathan Rose / Oct 26, 2022
hero-graphic-Lantern CEO Meredith Mahoney on startups, hiring, and federal prohibition

Mahoney co-founded the Drizly cannabis delivery spinoff, and is building a brand new kind of business.

When alcohol delivery giant Drizly first launched Lantern, it was among the first delivery-focused cannabis ecommerce platforms, and definitely the one with the biggest brand recognition.

Cannabis delivery itself was in startup mode in several states. Now Lantern — which is no longer a part of Drizly now that the latter is owned by Uber — is working with dispensaries and delivery companies and/or operating social equity incubator programs in Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York.

Lantern Co-founder and CEO Meredith Mahoney chatted with Vangst CEO Karson Humiston for the Proud to Work in Cannabis podcast, and talked all things startup, hiring, and culture — and federal prohibition's silver lining.

"The lack of federal legalization is what’s creating the competitive mote for a lot of us. And this is a hard thing to do, and there’s only so many people that can do it. So we, the cannabis community, are building the hard thing and it’s really solid. When legalization does happen, it’s going to be really hard for incumbent players to come take that market share … the silver lining is it is kind of pushing us to do the hard thing that’s going to be hard to compete with."

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