LeafLink's Journey from Startup to Scaleup

Vangst/Apr 05, 2023

hero-graphic-LeafLink's Journey from Startup to Scaleup

Achieving 50% Market Share

This episode of Proud to Work in Cannabis gives listeners a peak behind the curtain at the two individuals responsible for raising the biggest investment in the cannabis industry in 2023, thus far – Ryan G. Smith, LeafLink's Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, and Artie Minson, LeafLink's President & CEO.

LeafLink has achieved an impressive 50% market share, and recently announced a remarkable $100 million Series D funding round. In this episode, Ryan Smith shares his journey to creating LeafLink, where he saw a gap in the market for a professional B2B cannabis marketplace. He and his team developed a sophisticated platform that replaced outdated methods of conducting business, making it easier for cannabis businesses to grow and succeed.

Artie Minson, an experienced CEO with a subscription-based technology background, recognized the immense potential of the cannabis industry and joined LeafLink to make a difference. He highlights the significance of collaboration and community-building in the cannabis space, emphasizing that success benefits everyone.

Together, Ryan and Artie have led LeafLink to new heights, expanding into new and emerging markets while staying true to their goals and success metrics. They share their valuable insights and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make their mark.

If you want to stay ahead in the cannabis industry and be inspired by industry leaders, tune in to Proud to Work in Cannabis for this uplifting and informative conversation. Don't miss out on this chance to hear from two of the brightest minds in the field!

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