Inside Native Roots: Transforming Cannabis Retail with Denise DeNardi

Vangst/May 18, 2023

hero-graphic-Inside Native Roots: Transforming Cannabis Retail with Denise DeNardi

Unveiling the Transformative Journey of Native Roots: Join Denise DeNardi as She Revolutionizes Cannabis Retail and Empowers Industry Professionals

In this episode of Proud to Work in Cannabis, Karson Humiston interviews Denise DeNardi, Chief Sales Officer at Native Roots Cannabis Co in Colorado. Denise shares her journey into the cannabis industry and provides valuable insights into its evolving landscape.

Denise's career started in the health and beauty industry as a franchise owner. In 2018, she received a call from Vangst's team and became intrigued by the opportunity to work in the cannabis industry. Guided by Dena Gellman from Vangst, Denise explored the industry and eventually joined Native Roots.

When Denise joined Native Roots, they had 18 retail stores in Colorado but lacked comprehensive budtender training and product variety. Denise aimed to transform the retail experience into an experiential one. They dedicated space to edibles, created community tables for customer interactions, and focused on education.

Denise provides a framework for businesses looking to open experiential dispensaries, emphasizing the need to understand local laws and regulations. She highlights the importance of establishing a unique store persona and communicating it throughout the organization. Contrary to popular belief, not all dispensaries aim to reduce dwell time. Engaging with customers and providing education leads to higher-quality purchases and fosters loyalty. Denise also emphasizes the importance of understanding customer lifetime value and tracking return frequency. When it comes to hiring, Native Roots shifted its approach from solely focusing on cannabis experience to behavioral-based questions. Denise looks for passion, collaboration, and a good fit with the company culture. Comprehensive training programs and a buddy system are implemented to ensure employee success.

Denise shares the surprises she encountered in the cannabis industry, such as the difference in processes compared to traditional retail and the need to bridge the gap between individuals with cannabis experience and those from other industries.

Looking ahead, Denise is excited about opening new stores and expanding Native Roots' reach. The company aims to constantly evolve, embrace new ideas, and explore innovative cultivation methods to enhance the cannabis experience.

Denise DeNardi's journey and role at Native Roots provide valuable insights into the evolving cannabis industry. Aspiring job seekers and professionals in the cannabis industry can find inspiration and opportunities in this dynamic field.

Tune in to Proud to Work in Cannabis with Karson Humiston for more insights, trends, and success stories. The cannabis industry offers exciting opportunities, and this podcast is your guide to making a mark in the industry.

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