From Seed to Ashtray: Inside GlassHouse's Journey to Revolutionize Cannabis

Vangst/Aug 09, 2023

hero-graphic-From Seed to Ashtray: Inside GlassHouse's Journey to Revolutionize Cannabis

On this week's episode of Proud to Work in Cannabis, host Karson Humiston, CEO & Founder of Vangst, sits down with a luminary in the field, Graham Farrar, President & Chief Cannabis Officer at GlassHouse. Join us for an uplifting conversation that underscores why being a part of the cannabis industry is truly something to be proud of.

The Essence of Unity in Cannabis

Karson and Graham kickstart the episode with a powerful reminder of the shared mission within the cannabis industry. Despite competition, the industry is bound by a collective desire to revolutionize medicine and wellness. Graham humorously notes, "Cannabis is medicine so good that people take it for the side effects!" The duo dissects the paradigm shift in perceiving cannabis, moving from a last-resort option to a proactive path for delivering plant-based healing.

Drawing parallels from another podcast, Karson introduces the analogy of nurturing the soil along with the plants. Graham extends this metaphor to highlight how the pharmaceutical approach often treats symptoms rather than addressing underlying causes. An insightful reference to senior citizens relying on a plethora of medications to combat the side effects of other medications emphasizes the need for a more holistic approach.

Graham's Journey: The Evolution of GlassHouse

Graham Farrar, a molecular biology and biochemistry graduate from CU Boulder, divulges his intimate journey from student to cannabis industry magnate. Initially setting sights on medical school, Graham's lifelong passion for cannabis found expression as he started growing plants in his dorm room, not only for personal use but also as an additional income stream.

Post-college, Graham's entrepreneurial spirit led him to become part of the team that established Sonos. During those days, he balanced daytime Sonos work with nighttime cannabis cultivation in his garage. A transformative leap eight years ago saw Graham transition full-time into the cannabis industry by co-founding GlassHouse in Santa Barbara.

Cultivating GlassHouse: A Beacon of Innovation

Graham shares the inception story of GlassHouse, set against the backdrop of Santa Barbara's agriculturally abundant landscape. The strategic choice of location, guided by a Dutch grower's expertise, speaks to Graham's commitment to quality. Despite facing challenges due to the cannabis industry's financial limitations and regulatory hurdles, Graham and his partner, Kyle, persisted. Expanding from a single greenhouse to two during California's transition from Prop 215 to Prop 64, GlassHouse exemplifies the spirit of adaptability and growth.

Building the Farmly: Trust in the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry's delicate nature drove Graham to prioritize trust when building his team. He recounts how GlassHouse's Director of Cannabis Operations hails from his high school circle, reflecting the significance of trust during uncertain times. The team's dedication to compliance and their early hiring strategy underscore the commitment to nurturing a loyal and trustworthy "Farmly."

Nurturing a Positive Culture at Scale

With over 500 employees, GlassHouse's culture remains central to its success. Graham emphasizes the significance of intentionality in cultivating a thriving company culture. The "no asshole policy" exemplifies how importance is given not just to skills but to how employees contribute to the collective environment. Navigating the fluctuations in a growing company, Graham advocates for proactive leadership during periods of change. The organization's organic rejection of disruptive elements and its emphasis on listening to the company's voice exemplify GlassHouse's commitment to its unique culture. Preserving Resilience in the California Market Graham shines a light on the challenges persisting in the California cannabis market, where 60% of municipalities lack operating cannabis businesses. He identifies taxing issues and the absence of interstate commerce as obstacles undermining the industry's growth potential. The conversation spotlights the need for progressive policy shifts to enable better customer access and economic sustainability.

A Hopeful Horizon: The Future of Cannabis

Graham's optimism for the future emanates from pivotal shifts at both federal and state levels. Conversations surrounding cannabis rescheduling and descheduling are gaining momentum. The appointment of Norm Beerman to head the FDA's cannabis/marijuana department signals a brighter future. Graham believes that interstate commerce pacts between states might lead the charge, fostering unity and progress in the cannabis sector.

As we navigate this ever-evolving landscape, Graham reminds us of the industry's core purpose: serving patients and consumers with quality medicine, echoing the ethos of patient-first dedication.

A Journey Towards Progress

Graham concludes by underlining the monumental progress we're making. Over 50% of Americans live in states with legal cannabis or bordering states with recreational use. With every new state that legalizes, the movement gains momentum, reshaping communities positively. Despite challenges, Graham's resounding optimism rings clear: we are on a path that leads to lasting transformation. Proud to Work in Cannabis – The Title and Theme of the Podcast The candid conversation between Karson Humiston and Graham Farrar encapsulates the spirit of Proud to Work in Cannabis. Through shared missions, trust, and optimism, the cannabis industry is rewriting its narrative and shaping a brighter, more inclusive future for all. So, join us in celebrating the remarkable journey of cannabis professionals, from growers to innovators, and be inspired by their unwavering commitment to making a positive impact. Tune in to the episode now and be part of this vibrant community that's changing lives for the better.

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