Marrying Cannabis and Technology: Trym's Success Story

Vangst/Mar 22, 2023

hero-graphic-Marrying Cannabis and Technology: Trym's Success Story

At the intersection of marriage and business sits Karen and Matt Mayberry, CMO & CEO of Trym, who along with their third co-founder, Benjamin, have built a cannabis technology platform for growers and cultivators that has revolutionized the cannabis industry.

The business they built? Trym – A leading cannabis technology platform that provides necessary insight to growers and cultivators, specifically with regard to managing teams, tracking data, and ensuring compliance.

In this episode, the co-founder, couple duo give listeners key insight into how these legacy market professionals made the leap from their cushy technology jobs to the regulated cannabis industry, and the power of listening to create a product that solves industry problems.

Additionally, these talented professionals dive into the tumultuous landscape of fundraising, including some tips and tricks on what Matt believes are some ways he would have done the process differently, how to create an effective marketing strategy on a shoe-string budget, and general advice on how to navigate being a parent, spouse, and entrepreneur – sometimes all within the same minute.

Overall, this week's episode of Proud to Work in Cannabis provides insight into the power of effective marketing, processes, and being a solution to real industry problems. Join Karson Humiston and Trym's co-founders as they discuss how they built a booming cannabis technology company from the ground up.

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