Taylor Jones, Vangst's Favorite Success Story

Vangst/Feb 08, 2023

hero-graphic-Taylor Jones, Vangst's Favorite Success Story

Feat. Taylor Jones, Pistil Data's Co-Founder & VP of Revenue

The story of Taylor Jones and Vangst started over a decade ago, when cannabis sales teams were still manually recording their sales data on computers in the backroom. During this time, Vangst connected a sprightly young sales rep to Baker Technologies, a data company working out of the same WeWork.

Taylor Jones, the sprightly young sales rep in question, led a sales team at Baker before he was promoted to VP of Sales when the company merged with TILT Holdings. Taylor now finds himself as the co-founder and VP of Revenue at Pistil Data, a booming cannabis data analytics platform that responds directly to industry problems that are felt from the bottom-up.

Jones gives listeners an inside look into Pistil’s initial 2020 go-to-market strategy – A strategy that has proven to be a successful one, as the company is now in all 34 legal US cannabis markets, and recently launched two new products. The secret to his success? “Sell the meeting!”

This episode is the perfect balance between honest conversations about the state of the industry and a light hearted walk down memory lane between two friends, one of whom happens to be Vangst’s (unofficial) favorite success story.

Listen to the full episode below, or anywhere you listen to your podcasts.

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