Surviving the Storm: Todd Harrison's Inspiring Outlook and Industry Insights

Vangst/Jun 14, 2023

hero-graphic-Surviving the Storm: Todd Harrison's Inspiring Outlook and Industry Insights

Insights Into the Current State of Cannabis from Todd Harrison's Perspective

Welcome to this week's episode of Proud to Work in Cannabis, hosted by Karson Humiston, CEO & Founder of Vangst. In this episode, we have a special guest, Todd Harrison, the Founding Partner and Chief Investment Officer at CB1 Management. Todd shares his journey into the cannabis industry, the importance of the Mission [GREEN] campaign, insights into the current state of the industry, and his positive outlook for the future.

Why Todd Decided to Get Into the Industry

Todd's path to the cannabis industry began with a desire to find solutions for his mental health issues, stemming from his experience during the tragic events of 9/11. Through his research, he discovered the potential of cannabis as a healing plant. Todd's exploration into the industry sparked his intellectual curiosity, leading him to found CB1 Management, which now partners with companies and invests in the cannabis sector.

An Overview of Mission [GREEN] and the Weldon Project

Todd introduces the inspiring story of Weldon Angelos, a music producer who was incarcerated for marijuana charges. Mission [GREEN], spearheaded by The Weldon Project, aims to drive change and support federal cannabis reform. Through rounding up dispensary purchases, individuals can directly impact the lives of those unjustly incarcerated for cannabis-related crimes. Todd highlights the juxtaposition between legal cannabis sales and the incarceration of individuals for the same plant.

How Businesses Can Be a Part of the Weldon Project and the Mission [GREEN] Campaign

To get involved with the Weldon Project and Mission [GREEN], visit their website and explore partnership opportunities or make direct contributions. Todd encourages listeners, especially those in the cannabis industry, to take action and make a meaningful difference. Additionally, Vangst offers courses on Mission [GREEN] through Vangst Learn, with each completed course resulting in a $1 donation to the Weldon Project.

Insight Into the Current State of the Industry

Todd emphasizes the need for federal momentum to propel the cannabis industry forward. He provides an overview of the legislative landscape and underscores the importance of incremental change. Todd urges listeners to avoid holding out for a perfect moment that may never come and highlights the positive belief that change is on the horizon.

Why Todd Believes that Change Is Coming Soon for Cannabis

Drawing on his experience working with legislators in Washington, D.C., Todd expresses his belief that change in the cannabis industry could be imminent. He points to the significant educational progress made at higher levels and advocates for incremental legalization. Todd shares his positive outlook for the future, emphasizing the potential of technology and personalized cannabis strains.

The Bright Future of Cannabis

Todd predicts a bright future for the cannabis industry, surpassing his initial expectations. He envisions a deregulated cannabis landscape supported by technological advancements, enabling personalized strains based on individuals' genetic makeup. This shift has the potential to revolutionize the industry and create even greater opportunities for growth.

Types of Businesses That Todd is Standing Behind in Terms of Investment

Todd prioritizes the quality of leadership over specific companies when making investment decisions. He stresses the importance of integrity and resilience in an industry that demands adaptability. Todd encourages collaboration and unity among businesses in the cannabis industry to collectively benefit from its growth.

How Todd Keeps the Cannabis Spark Lit During Tumultuous Times

Todd shares his personal strategies for self-care and maintaining motivation during challenging periods. He emphasizes the importance of exercise, including his daily peloton ride, as well as finding joy in family and pets. While acknowledging the difficulties he has faced, Todd's dedication and the progress he has contributed to keep him committed to the industry's success.

Proud to Work in Cannabis

The episode wraps up with a reminder that being part of the cannabis industry means being on the right side of history. Todd's enthusiasm for the day when he can freely choose from a variety of cannabis strains reflects his personal connection to the plant's benefits. With Todd's insights and positive outlook, it's clear that the cannabis industry is poised for tremendous growth and transformation. Tune in to Proud to Work in Cannabis to hear more inspiring stories and gain valuable knowledge about this exciting industry.

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