From Neuroscientist to Policy Maker: A Full Circle Story Feat. Tristan Watkins

Vangst / Feb 01, 2023
hero-graphic-From Neuroscientist to Policy Maker: A Full Circle Story Feat. Tristan Watkins

What happens when a neuroscientist, turned Employee #1 at one of the country’s first cannabis brands, takes on a government role?

Find out on this episode of Proud to Work in Cannabis with host Karson Humiston, Vangst’s Founder & CEO, featuring special guest Tristan Watkins, Program Manager at Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade.

In this episode, Watkins walks listeners through how he made the leap from neuroscience to being the first employee at LucidMoon, a cannabis brand established in 2015, and then selling that business and starting a role at the Denver Cannabis Business Office. Through these first-hand accounts, listeners get a full circle story of what it took to build a cannabis business brand in Denver as the laws and regulations were being written, and how the decision was eventually made to exit the business after the Covid pandemic.

However, the story doesn’t end here, as Watkins talks through how he found his way into a government role working for the Denver Cannabis Business Office, where he now works as a government grant provider, evaluating social equity applications, and providing much needed relief and support to growing cannabis businesses.

Lastly, Watkins leaves listeners with tangible ways that they can use resources provided by the Denver Cannabis Business Office, and the best way to get in touch with him in order to gain access to these resources.

Listen to the episode to gain more insights into this full circle cannabis story, and to get more information on helpful industry resources.

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