Q&A: Vangst's Partnership with CBO for CannaBusiness Growth

Vangst/Jan 09, 2024

hero-graphic-Q&A: Vangst's Partnership with CBO for CannaBusiness Growth

Since 2016, Vangst has been helping individuals pursue careers in the cannabis industry. With the industry's growth and maturity, especially in Colorado, our aim is not just to help people enter the cannabis sector but also to help them thrive.

What is the Cannabis Business Office, and how do they contribute to the industry?

The Cannabis Business Office, part of the Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT), was established as a result of Senate Bill 21-111. Funded by the Marijuana Tax Cash Fund, the office is dedicated to creating economic opportunities, local job creation, and community growth for Colorado's diverse population.

Why did Vangst and the Cannabis Business Office join forces for CannaBusiness Growth?

When Natasha Lannerd, our VP of Strategy, joined Vangst in 2022 after mentoring organizations like The Color of Cannabis, BIPOCANN, and IL Equity Staffing, she recognized an opportunity. Vangst, with its unique industry position, could create programs to enhance outcomes for social equity cannabis entrepreneurs.

Who benefits from CannaBusiness Growth, and how can they access the training?

This educational content supports social equity licensed cannabis business owners within their first three years of operation. Eligible social equity licensees can access the program for free by contacting Program Manager Emma Howard at [email protected] and providing their name, business name, and a copy of their social equity license approval letter.

How does this partnership benefit social equity license holders in Colorado's cannabis industry?

The cannabis industry is a unique startup, requiring entrepreneurs to navigate both typical startup challenges and those stemming from historical cannabis prohibition, which disproportionately impacted communities of color.

What courses or training modules are available in the program?

Over 50 modules cover a broad range of cannabis-related topics, from compliance and finance to sales, marketing, cultivation, and more.

What sets our video training apart from other resources in the cannabis sector?

Our content, crafted in collaboration with industry leaders, offers "real-world" knowledge crucial for success in the cannabis industry. We provide expert guidance on critical topics, such as the 280(e) tax provision, with input from leading experts like Nick Richards, Partner at Greenspoon Marder.

Are there prerequisites for participating in these courses?

No prerequisites are required for accessing the CannaBusiness Growth Program.

How accessible is the training for social equity license holders, and is it available online or in-person?

The program is self-paced and available on-demand at Vangst Learn. It includes scenario-based videos, exercises, and references developed in partnership with cannabis industry professionals.

Are there plans to expand this program to other regions in the future?

The program was designed for CBO participants, but we aim to support other progressive government initiatives dedicated to promoting diversity in the cannabis industry and rectifying harm from the war on drugs.

What are the long-term goals of this partnership?

Our long-term objective is to equip CBO program participants with the knowledge and resources needed to build thriving cannabis businesses.

What excites you most about this partnership with the CBO?

The most exciting aspect is bridging the knowledge gap between industry professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs. With nine years in the industry, including four dedicated to mentoring, it's clear that the industry needs to support organizations like the CBO to enhance equity in the cannabis sector.

Interested in learning more about how your team can partner with Vangst to create educational content for job seekers and cannabis professionals? Check out vangst.com/learn and reach out to Natasha directly at [email protected]

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