Can Automation Help Upskill the Cannabis Workforce?

Jonathan Rose/Nov 16, 2022

hero-graphic-Can Automation Help Upskill the Cannabis Workforce?
Photo Credit: Provided by Sorting Robotics

A former NASA engineer gives us insights into his AI-powered devices and hiring plans

Things are moving fast in the world of cannabis, and Nohtal Partansky is helping both manufacturers and vertically integrated brands automate previously manual tasks — like infusing joints with live resin.

The bonus for the workforce? It provides the opportunity for upskilling, the Founder and CEO of Sorting Robotics told Vangst Founder and CEO Karson Humiston in this week's podcast. He's also hiring techs across the country as his AI-powered technology rolls out.

"[The companies] end up upskilling their current workforce, so that way, the employees that were there before maybe just rolling joints, they're now getting paid a higher wage because they're doing something a bit more complicated," Nohtal told Karson. "And then if they're able to reallocate those employees, they end up going to the packaging department because now they have more stuff to package than they did before, so it's a lot by upskilling and reconfiguring their workforce so they're a much more efficient company and their employees are just happier."

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