Maximizing Your Team: Tips for Companies Who Are Running Lean and Mean

Vangst/Sep 28, 2023

hero-graphic-Maximizing Your Team: Tips for Companies Who Are Running Lean and Mean
Photo Credit: Charles Deluvio

Running a tight ship in the cannabis industry? Don't worry; you can make the most out of your lean and mean team. Here are some simple yet powerful tips to help your company thrive:

  1. Explore the Right Tools: When resources are limited, it's crucial to make the most of what you have. Take some time to research and choose the tools that align with your team's needs and business goals. Platforms like Asana,, and Trello might seem similar, but they offer unique features. Understand them well to make informed decisions.
  2. Default to Public: In small teams, everyone wears multiple hats. To keep everyone on the same page, default to public conversations. Whether it's a big decision or a small one, involving all key decision-makers from the start reduces the time it takes to get everyone on board. Unity in discussions leads to quicker actions.
  3. Invest in Education & Training: Your team is your greatest asset. Invest in their knowledge and skills. Bring the necessary tools and resources to them. By doing this, you not only ensure that your team stays updated in the dynamic cannabis industry but also retain your top talent and attract new ones. Platforms like Vangst Learn offer free courses, providing your team with the best available resources.
  4. Outsource & Partner Wisely: Acknowledge that you can't be an expert in everything. It's perfectly fine to lean on experts when needed. Whether it's outsourcing non-critical functions or exploring part-time or consultant options, it's a smart way to get more with less. Collaborate with partners like Vangst to make informed decisions.

Running lean and mean doesn't mean compromising on quality or growth. It's about being strategic and making the most of your resources. By following these tips, you can lead your cannabis business to success while maximizing the potential of your dedicated team.

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