Cannabis on Clubhouse: Our Club Recommendations

Kelsea Appelbaum/Mar 23, 2021

hero-graphic-Cannabis on Clubhouse: Our Club Recommendations

If you were to ask anybody what the hottest app is right now, they’d all say Clubhouse. But what is Clubhouse, how do you get in, and what are the best clubs to follow? Here’s all the information you need to know about cannabis conversations happening on Clubhouse.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse, launched in April 2020, is an audio-only chat room of sorts. Part-social networking and part-exclusive club, the app now has over a million active users. It's not a stretch to draw a line from Clubhouse's success to the millions of people dealing with Zoom fatigue and lack of in-person interactions. And while it may seem like just another social networking tool, for many it has become a place of education and refuge.

Why Cannabis Has a Home on Clubhouse

It's not always easy to talk about cannabis on social platforms. Facebook and Instagram have vague policies on what you can and cannot post and navigating their ever-evolving rules can be tricky. Clubhouse gives those of us who work in cannabis a place to speak and smoke freely. Beyond that, people interested in the plant at large also have a home here.

But what do we love about Clubhouse? A couple of main things:

  • It's a place to discuss industry updates in cannabis (new markets, new laws, etc.)
  • It's an open discussion where industry leaders can chat with individuals looking for answers to their cannabis questions
  • It's uncensored
  • It's all about in-the-moment conversations that don't happen anywhere else right now

Know Before You Go

As we mentioned, Clubhouse is exclusive on two fronts: it’s available only to iPhone users (for now!) and you must be invited by an existing user to join. So talk to your friends who are already on the app and snag one of their invites.

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Give Me the Clubs!

Here are the top 6 clubs (in no particular order) that Vangst recommends you follow on Clubhouse. Catch our team hanging out and participating in the conversations.

1. How To Get Into The Cannabis Industry

This club contains professionals in cannabis from all backgrounds and locations leading discussions. It's a welcoming environment where industry hopefuls can receive insight from diverse perspectives. From Cannabis 101 to industry updates, the conversations range from casual to structured.

2. The State of Cannabis

The State of Cannabis is your go-to resource for all things cannabis presented in a structured format. You'll hear conversations around policy, compliance, events, and more led by industry leaders. This is the place to gain value on subjects that affect our growing industry.

3. Weed. Travel. Food.

The name says it all: happiness in a club and a little escape from our COVID reality. No week is the same and no conversation is alike. The conversations always attract a diverse group of audience members and speakers. This allows for more natural conversation. And the best part? You'll hear from a variety of speakers in every chat.

4. Cannabis Science & Medicine

Individuals with scientific backgrounds in cannabis are essential to the industry’s success. While often overshadowed, this is the club where they shine. Advocates within medical fields are able to educate others on the research they’ve done in this club.

5. Black Cannabis Magazine

Black Cannabis Magazine is the club where if you’re in the industry, you will always find a friend speaking on stage. Both cannabis executives and your average person can speak here about cannabis on a level playing field. No other club can go from a casual smoke sesh to gems of knowledge shared by cannabis leaders in a matter of moments.

6. Plants Over Pills

Of course cannabis is an enjoyable substance, but what this club does is create a safe place to highlight the benefits of plant medicine. Once a week, conversations take place around how cannabis has changed the lives of people everywhere. This is the club to share experiences in a safe place, gain knowledge, and make connections with people from all walks of life who are advocates for the plant.

You can find several Vangst team members on Clubhouse. And to further the conversation, create a profile on Vangst to connect with us today.

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