Your Go-To Cannabis Industry Resources

Hannah Holmgren/May 04, 2021

hero-graphic-Your Go-To Cannabis Industry Resources

There’s no shortage of resources out there for gathering the latest info on cannabis news. But knowing where to start can be difficult. And finding sites that are reputable can feel like an insurmountable obstacle.

That's where this list can help. With the help of cannabis enthusiasts and the Vangst team, we collected our favorite sources for you. Use this as your guide, check back for extra recommendations, and have fun spelunking!

Marijuana Business Daily (AKA MJBizDaily)

One of the most tenured news sites in cannabis. MJBizDaily is the perfect go-to for all industry updates. And if you like to kick it old-school with a print magazine, MJBiz produces a monthly publication. Get your cannabis news delivered to your door!

Beard Bros Pharms

The Beard Bros Pharms Friday Sesh newsletter is a must-have for our team here at Vangst. Expertly curated, it contains not only the news you need to know, but the stories you want to hear. Our favorite part is their commitment to merging cannabis culture and news in one place.

NY Cannabis Times

Prefer your content in bite-sized chunks? Check out the NY Cannabis Times Instagram feed. Living in NY is not a prerequisite to staying informed about one of the most anticipated new markets! NY Cannabis Times helps keep us in check about what's most important about the state of the industry.


WeedWeek takes a close look at all things political with the goal of elevating the industry. For their team, cannabis is about more than the plant. And their goal is to provide readers with credible information.

New Cannabis Ventures

New Cannabis Ventures is all about bridging "the gaps between entrepreneurs and investors" in cannabis. They segment their articles by category making it easy to find the type of news you're looking for. One of our favorite sections is their Global Cannabis Stock Index. It's easy to get lost in all that amazing information!


If podcasts are your preferred method of consuming news, look no further than CannaInsider. Over 300 episodes and counting! Their interviews with cannabis leaders are must-listens for anyone interested in the industry. And if you're short on time, their website offers key insights from each episode you won't want to miss.

Benzinga Cannabis Hour

More resources for audiophiles out there! Benzinga Cannabis Hour goes lives every week for - you guessed it - one hour on Thursdays at 4pm ET. Watch live on their site or check out the podcast version everywhere you like to listen. Each session feels like a panel with the best and brightest in cannabis. And if you tune in live, you can take part in Q&A with the guests.

And for more ways to get industry updates, check out our Cannabis on Clubhouse article for the best rooms to join.

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