All Your Hiring Needs: Virtual Cannabis Career Fair

Sean Cooley/Oct 13, 2020

hero-graphic-All Your Hiring Needs: Virtual Cannabis Career Fair

Left without a way to pound the pavement or attend an in-person networking event, cannabis industry employers have gone remote with their hiring strategies. In keeping with current trends, Vangst is hosting its first all Virtual Cannabis Career Fair, dedicated to linking your growing businesses with the deepest pool of talent in cannabis.

No matter what level of seniority you’re seeking, whether short-term or long-term, Vangst has innovative solutions to get you connected with the right person for the right job.

Registering for a digital booth at this year’s Career Fair lets employers collect resumes, screen and follow up with every candidate, showcase their brand, create in-booth conversations, and chat in a virtual networking hub.

Reasons to Exhibit at the Vangst Virtual Cannabis Career Fair

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a first-time startup founder, being in the cannabis industry during COVID-19 makes hiring practices exponentially more challenging. The Vangst Virtual Cannabis Career Fair is the industry’s top recruiting event giving you an opportunity to interact with cream-of-the-crop talent efficiently and effectively.

Select from a strong pool of job candidates With thousands of job seekers expected to join in from all over the country, the 2020 Vangst Virtual Career Fair is the year’s best opportunity to connect with top talent. The platform lets you screen, communicate, assess, and follow up with every candidate who comes your way.

Take part in social equity initiatives The Vangst Virtual Cannabis Career Fair is putting social equity workers front and center with qualifying candidates receiving wait priority from all participating employers. The effort is designed to lower the barrier to employment for well-qualified individuals who have past cannabis arrests and/or convictions or have otherwise been disproportionately impacted by America’s War on Drugs. Vangst has also partnered with three nonprofit organizations focused on social equity, policy reform, and transformative justice in cannabis - Last Prisoner Project, Mission Green, and California Cannabis Coalition.

Have a spotlight to promote your brand Put your team front and center at the year’s hottest cannabis event. Drive consumers, media and job seekers to your own custom booth, and create pre-event buzz and interest with custom landing pages. The Vangst 2020 Career Fair is powered by the leading virtual expo platform on the market and designed specifically for career fair events.

Be part of 2020’s biggest networking opportunity Building connections with Vangst stretches far beyond a typical job fair. Create in-booth conversation, chat in virtual networking hubs, and hear from the leading voices in cannabis on the most important issues driving our industry. Setup is fast, with live support, allowing you to communicate on your terms - however you want, with whomever you choose.

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