How Cannabis Can Leverage Independent Work and the ‘Gig Economy’

Jonathan Rose / Nov 29, 2022
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More than a third of Americans consider themselves 'independent workers'

The Gig Economy: 50 Million Strong

More than 50 million Americans are “independent workers,” according to a recent McKinsey & Co. survey. These workers are often professionals doing freelance or contract creative work, temping in white-collar roles at more traditional offices, and/or working jobs more often called “gigs”: Delivering food and groceries or carrying passengers for ride-hailing services like Uber or Lyft.

That 50 million Americans amounts to 36% of the total U.S. workforce, up from 27% in 2016.

This, the so-called “gig economy,” is a growing force in America’s labor market.

Cannabis, Contractors, and the Cannacurious

Booming right alongside the gig economy is the cannabis industry — nearly half-a-million strong and seeing double-digit growth every year, according to the 2022 Leafly Jobs Report.

And the cannabis industry is increasingly looking to part-time labor and outside specialists. About half of all companies surveyed for Vangst’s 2022 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide say they use part-time or seasonal labor, while a quarter expect to outsource roles to independent workers and other contractors in the next year.

There’s never been a better time to build the cannabis gig economy: The cannacurious get an opportunity to give the industry a try, while the industry gets to take full advantage of these independent contractors and their talents.

The Solution: Vangst GIGS

GIGS is Vangst’s temporary employment product that offers talent at all career stages the chance to work leading cannabis companies on a temporary, or temp-to-hire, basis. Whether it’s a trimmer, an HR generalist, an interim CMO, a seasonal budtender — or anything in between — Vangst GIGS empowers professionals who are looking to level up their careers.

For companies, Vangst GIGS gives plant-touching and ancillary businesses access to the largest pool of vetted, talented, badged, W2, I9’d, ready-to-work cannabis gig workers. Whether it's for a three-month cultivation project, temporary retail help, or high-level expertise and leadership, Vangst recruiters work with your team to find the best fit for the team.

Uncertain Times Call for a Proven Platform

We enter a new year with an economy that’s in uncharted territory for most businesses and independent workers. The cannabis industry itself is still in startup mode.

These times call for a steady hand with a proven record. Since 2016, Vangst has placed a quarter-million GIGS workers and filled nearly 4,000 senior-level positions.

What other benefits are there to working on the Vangst GIGS platform?

For talent:

  • Explore a new industry, or new field within cannabis, with little commitment
  • Receive a W2 paycheck: No surprise tax bills at the end of the year
  • Enjoy freedom and flexibility in work schedule and verticals that’s unusual in other sectors
  • Strengthen your resume and level-up your career

For companies:

  • Affordably tap into Vangst's unparalleled pool of talent and expertise for temp or temp-to-hire positions, regardless of vertical
  • All GIGS workers are Vangst W2 employees: Let us handle vetting candidates, processing payroll, paying payroll taxes, and workers’ comp
  • Easily find specialists with the experience you need to grow your business

How do you join the Vangst GIGS network?

Talent: Once you create a Vangst profile and identify yourself as somebody who is open to GIGS work through the Vangst dashboard, you will automatically be placed into the pool of potential GIGS workers. From there, our recruiters will reach out to you should there be an opportunity in your area that matches your skillset, and will help you navigate the interview, and screening processes.

Want to learn more about what makes a candidate stand out and other ways to get ahead in the industry? Check out our webinar, “Advancing Your Cannabis Career Through Contracting and Gigs" on Dec. 6.

Companies: Once you’ve set up a company page at and decided to move forward with Vangst GIGS, you can send an email directly to [email protected], with details of which role(s) you’re looking to fill, the location, the amount of workers, and any other important information. From there, one of our recruiters will be in touch with you to schedule a kickoff call, which will help them understand the scope of the job as well as crucial information that will help our best-in-class recruiters find the best candidates for your team.

Want to learn more about how Vangst GIGS can help you increase your runway while reducing your operational costs? Check out our webinar, “Building a Stronger Cannabis Workforce With Contractors” on Dec. 8.

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