Women-Led Cannabis Transport in New England

Jonathan Rose / May 05, 2022
hero-graphic-Women-Led Cannabis Transport in New England

Inside the 'funky, weird journey' into cannabis taken by Plymouth Armor Group's CEO

Abbe Schnibbe has had a "funky, weird journey" into the cannabis industry. She co-founded Plymouth Armor Group in Massachusetts in October 2018 after a longtime focus on social equity, and took over the CEO role in September 2021.

The company now serves all legal cannabis states in New England with its cannabis security product and cash transporter service.

"I came to it from the standpoint of saying, 'Listen: I am so passionate about legitimizing this industry, and this is one way that we can for the folks that are naysayers for the folks that are rooted in the stigma around crime and all of those things. Let's up the ante on how we do cash transport so that everyone feels that much more comfortable and we increase the legitimacy that much more,'" Schnibbe told Vangst Founder and CEO Karson Humiston.

Listen to the podcast to find out who she's hiring and how she developed the relationships and mastered the regulations to transform her agency from one that served a few dispensaries in Massachusetts to a secure transport powerhouse offering cannabis security solutions that serves all legal states in New England.

That's no easy task considering every state has its own rules and regulations surrounding cannabis and its transport.

"So if you can understand compliance and the regulatory environment and how important that is, and know that you already had the skills to just do the job that you probably thought you're applying to in the first place that you could do, you got this, you got this," Schnibbe said.

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