Inside an MSO's HR Strategy with Verano CPO Destiny Thompson

Jonathan Rose / Sep 28, 2022
hero-graphic-Inside an MSO's HR Strategy with Verano CPO Destiny Thompson
Photo Credit: Provided by Verano

Here's how the cannabis power player recruits and retains.

You don't need a resume to get a job at one of the nation's largest cannabis multistate operators — you just have to show you have the skills and personality to get the job done. "Meeting people where they're at" is just one way that Verano looks to differentiate itself from the competition.

And it's also one way that a brand new industry can define itself when there's nothing to disrupt.

"Very rarely — in this day and age — do you get to be on the ground floor of something that is growing at this pace, at this speed, at this scale," Verano Chief People Officer Destiny Thompson told Vangst CEO Karson Humiston in the Proud to Work in Cannabis podcast. "And for me, that was super exciting because it allowed me to come into something on the ground and really help build the foundation, and really make a stamp on how HR should be and how it should be run and the people we’re recruiting into can be done throughout the cannabis sector."

Destiny, who oversees HR functions at the fifth-largest cannabis company by market cap, chatted with Karson to talk all things people, growth, and cannabis — and how Verano is helping to build an industry powered by people who truly are Proud to Work in Cannabis.

As a bonus, she provides insights into how she made the transition from traditional recruiting to cannabis — and offers some suggestions for others considering a similar move.

Listen to the full episode above.

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