What Is Croptober and Why Does it Matter?

Ellie Herring / Aug 26, 2019
hero-graphic-What Is Croptober and Why Does it Matter?

If you’re familiar with cannabis, chances are you’ve heard of the infamous 4/20 holiday. Maybe you’ve heard of its cousin, the concentrate celebration 7/10. But what’s Croptober? While it sounds like a month-long cannabis celebration, it’s not quite the Oktoberfest contender of our dreams. Croptober is the busy harvest season for outdoor cannabis operations. After months of meticulously tending to the grow, cultivators prepare to chop and trim the fully flowered cannabis plants. 


cannabis plant closeup

Cannabis is an annual plant, meaning it grows from seed to maturity and dies in only one growing season. Unlike a tree that sheds its leaves and regrows each spring, cannabis flowers bloom only once. Outdoor grows rely on the sun’s natural cycles to develop female cannabis plants. (Only the female plants produce the buds we consume.) As the hours of daylight get shorter in the fall, the plants switch from growing large stalks and leaves to producing flowers (buds).

This change occurs because the shortening days send a signal to the female plant saying, “We’re running out of time! Grow buds so we can produce offspring!” Grow operations then harvest the buds produced to bring us the cannabis we know and love.
Indoor operations have the ability to manipulate the light cycles and can shorten the length of time it requires to mature by turning the artificial lights off sooner than the sun’s natural cycle. As outdoor grows are at the mercy of Mother Nature, timing is everything. Cultivators typically start the growing process in spring, so the sun’s shortening cycle in fall aligns with the optimal harvest time.


There’s a relatively short time frame to harvest the cannabis buds before the plant starts to become less than desirable. During this peak harvest window, harvesters must chop all plants and prepare them for drying and trimming. With some of the larger outdoor grows spanning acres and acres of land, cutting hundreds of cannabis plants down can be a daunting task to accomplish in a short amount of time.

After the plants properly dry, it’s time to trim. Trimming teams work diligently to ensure the buds are ready for a cure and then sale. For outdoor grow operations that only harvest once a year, Croptober is one of the busiest and most critical times of the year. Their entire year’s work is dependent on the proper execution of the harvest.

As we work with cannabis companies around the globe, we realized a growing need for businesses to have access to seasonal, temporary workers that could assist in the cutting, trimming, and packaging process during this busy time. To help remedy the staffing shortage, we created a platform called Vangst GIGS Though Vangst GIGS, employers request pre-screened temporary workers through the app to meet their harvest needs. Vangsters (GIGS employees for hire) are interviewed, hired, insured, time tracked, and paid through Vangst so employers can remain 100% focused on the harvest. If you’re interested in hiring seasonal workers for this busy harvest time, click request Croptober workers below.

Request Croptober workers here


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For job seekers interested in working in cannabis, Croptober is the perfect time to explore a new position in this budding industry. Employers are looking to hire additional hands on deck to assist in everything from harvesting to trimming, packaging and more. Though our GIGS platform, job seekers can set up a profile to view temporary positions available in their area. After a quick verification process, job seekers gain access to this valuable industry resource. Many of the positions listed are entry-level gigs, making them the perfect opportunity to get a foot in the door in one of the fastest-growing industries today. If you’re interested in finding seasonal work during Croptober, check out GIGS for job seekers below.

Check out GIGS for job seekers

Whether you’re already working in the industry, hoping to work in cannabis, or simply a cannabis consumer, Croptober is an exciting time for all.

Happy harvest!

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