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Posted by Mike Olson / Jan 18, 2018

Where are All the East Coast Cannabis Jobs?

While Marijuana jobs are abundant in Colorado, California, and the west coast, the remainder of the cannabis industry is beginning to expand into the Midwest and the east coast. Job seekers may begin to get restless due to the lack of cannabis jobs outside of directly touching the plant, however, Vangst is here to say that there are many jobs related to the marijuana industry available for talent across the country.

Before diving into the particulars of the legal marijuana business, let’s take a wider look at the entire American job market. What we find is that more and more jobs seekers are finding jobs online, and connecting with businesses remotely. With the invention of cloud-based apps and the internet available anywhere we are seeing more and more individuals finding their spot in the marijuana industry from all around the country.


Cannabis consultants that have been involved in the industry are able to dominate the freelance and independent contractor roles in regards to state applications and c-level roles. However, there are a plethora of retail, entry level cultivation, sales, and budtender roles available in the new and emerging Midwest and East Coast markets.

For those who are passionate about cannabis, and want to make their mark on the green rush now is a better time than ever to find your dream cannabis career. There are remote, full-time, and part-time opportunities within the industry. Below we will discuss some of the positions we’ve worked on at Vangst.


When the Denver Post started their cannabis section called ‘The Cannabist’ it opened a new door for cannabis enthusiasts to share their love of writing and love of cannabis. What more could you ask for than becoming a media expert on flowers, edibles, vape pens, bongs, concentrates, even tinctures and topicals? This aspect of the industry is still in its infancy, with the help of Dope Magazine, High Time, and Cann MG the need for a “cannabis expert” is growing exponentially. Especially if you have the ability to layout a well researched, and well-written review time and time again.

The great part of starting your career as a cannabis critic is it doesn’t require much more than some cannabis knowledge, the ability to write well, and a computer connected to the web.


This is a new niche we are starting to see expand within the industry. Here at Vangst, we have noticed certain parts of the industry are lacking in specialized talent. Thankfully many different education programs, online and in person are able to help fill those voids. Companies like Cannabis Industry Institute, and THC University who specialize in online education.

Cannabis professors are industry specialists who lead students through certification via pre-recorded videos, live discussions, and internet exchange. Being a real cannabis professor requires someone who has had success in their company, or that have established their credibility and proven their expertise. It’s the work of the professor to produce tests and programs for pupils to best educate the specifics of working in the marijuana industry.

Currently there are not any official cannabis certifications yet, however, if you possess special knowledge or skills to train future employees you can create online workshops to sell to cannabis businesses. It really is the work of the internet cannabis professor to produce a formula for student success.


Currently, internet startups have been emerging in a wide variety of industries. As the consumer base moves online to find products and reviews the need for a quality website or app has never been higher. If you have a love for coding, a sharp understanding of the cannabis industry and its hurdles, you can definitely find a web-based marijuana career.

As seen in other industries there are many websites that boom and bust, this is also true within the cannabis realm. The cannabis industry is currently receptive to more refined online services as well as assistance updating an outdated website. The possibilities within the website and app development sector are endless. Here at Vangst, we are seeing more companies shy away from the traditional retail, cultivation and extraction side, to instead start a new service based website or app based on an unaddressed need.

Here are two excellent examples of online cannabis companies which have dominated the marijuana industry; Leafly, and Leaflink.

Leafly has bolstered a powerful internet presence based not only on their business listings but from specific strain information and reviews. They provide fresh new relevant content consistently and have grown to be a leader in strain reviews and a trusted source of strain effects. They have accomplished this all without having a grow of their own, or touching a plant. Making this a legal business to operate and run all around the world.

Leaflink on the other hand, is more suited to the app world, capitalizing on making it as simple as possible for cultivators, extractors, and edible manufacturers, to wholesale their products straight to dispensaries. This helps start-up cannabis companies get their products into stores that might not have otherwise found the brand. Again this is another example of a company that is a cannabis-focused business but can be built and worked on anywhere.

Becoming a developer for the cannabis industry can definitely be a rewarding pursuit–it’s merely significant that programmers understand how fast the market is expanding. A career in web development doesn’t require certifications or degrees, but it always helps to have some type of credibility. The internet provides cannapreneurs with the ability to be successful without major financial backing. It is a great place for young business to start their launch into the remote cannabis business model.


This should be pretty self-explanatory. With sites like Upwork, or Odesk, the ability to freelance, especially graphic design means you can live and work pretty much anywhere. Many companies are trying to distance themselves from the stoner stigmas of the past, and move towards a fresh, cool or pharmaceutical focused design. The opportunities to help cannabusinesses’ rebrand their image are endless.

Designers play a huge role in the brand development and customer retention. Consumers are more likely to buy from a company who’s brand relates to them or resonates with them. It is important to be able to capture the essence of a company while providing infographics that can be easily understood. In addition, the advertising and marketing laws are constantly changing. This means that graphic designers must be consistent in their work and attentive to compliance around packaging and labeling. You will see these jobs pop up on the east coast cannabis sector in the future.


There are a wide variety of opportunities in writing content for canna-businesses, this may sound similar to cannabis critics, but there is a big distinction between content writing and reviews. Content writers tend to supply the research, information, and structure needed to sell merchandise, convey a message or represent a brand. Again like most marijuana jobs, we are talking about here the resources needed to start up are very limited. A computer, a marketing or advertising background, and a passion for cannabis are all you need to get going. With states like Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York, and Florida legalizing cannabis there is a major need for solid writers.

Content writers are useful to companies who need help to stand out through SEO, website copywriting or blog posts on relevant industry topics. As the industry gets larger there will always be more stories to cover.

Another writing position we see a large demand for is technical writing for cannabis licenses. With so many companies applying for licenses in new states, such as Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Florida, the need for well-written license applications is more present than ever.

The good news about content writing is it is a much steadier marijuana job, as the need for new fresh content will only get more important when SEO becomes more competitive in the space. Professional content, advertising, and writing will help you to enrich a company’s chances of growing, which means you become invaluable. Technical writers will be needed as long as the United States continues to grow their medical and recreational cannabis programs.

Here at Vangst, we even have some rockstar remote writers for writing our job descriptions and offer letters.


While there are plenty of online marijuana jobs there are just as many, if not more non-remote positions that require your physical presence. Such as cannabis cultivation and processing jobs(ie. trimming, extraction), dispensary roles and sales. The good news is over the past few years, we have seen these types of jobs start to become more available in places like Pennsylvania, New York, and Massachusetts, as these states are starting to regulate marijuana.

In the end, the disadvantage to an online marijuana job comes down to the lack of exposure to cannabis workers get. This lack of exposure could make it more difficult to truly understand the demand for certain products and to really understand the movement.


Well, the good news is we are seeing jobs starting to pop up all over we have placed cannabis jobs in Florida, Canada, Puerto Rico, and across the country. So definitely reach out and contact us at Vangst. Also get involved with your local marijuana culture, as more states recognize the benefits of marijuana there will be more jobs coming available. Browse open jobs using our resource page to explore available positions in your location.


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