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8 years of Industry Experience at your Service : )

Introduce Yourself

Hello Out There : )

My name is Shannon and I am a Recruiting Manager here @Vangst.

My team (@stephanie.szabla, @mike.sansonetti, @darian.gregor, and @tenisha.middleton) and I specialize in recruiting for plant-touching, permanent placement roles. Think Cultivation, Extraction, Retail, Purchasing, Procurement, Production, Manufacturing, Compliance, every legal market

We are constantly working on filling our pipeline full of quality candidates so if you have an interest in a new role, currently with or without industry experience (they are rare but those opportunities do exist!) please reach out...we would love to chat : )


Hi Shannon!

For the longest time I was told growing up that marijuana was bad, illegal, and getting associated with it will only lead to a life of crime, and destruction. Cannabis has only been legalized a short while here in Michigan, and in that time, I have begun a journey of discussion, education, and shifting of mindset towards this culture. I have been only more encouraged of the positive benefits of cannabis!

Upon discovering some of the opportunities within the cannabis industry from discussions with friends who are already managing dispensaries, I was encouraged by them to look into it because they said I would be a good candidate. For most of my career (17 years) I was a route salesman for Frito-Lay. And in that time I have learned how to work independently, invest in the businesses that I service, take ownership of all I do, push hard for results, and that is just a few examples.

I have already applied to two different positions on Vangst with 1906 as a Territory Sales Manager and another for Marketing, both positions look like incredible opportunities, but my skillset would probably lean more towards the Territory Sales role.

Thank you in advance for your time and any insight into my career path!


Matthew Kurtz

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