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A little about me.

Introduce Yourself

Hey how's it going?

My names N8.

Ever since I was a kid I have loved marijuana plants, they such interesting plants that hold so many wonderful attributes.

I had an accident decades ago on a construction site where I ended up with a piece of rebar stuck through my knee. To help not only with muscle/bone pains but shadow pains,(the feeling the rebar was still in my knee), I used marijuana topically and orally to relieve the pain.

Sativa was also a huge saver for me too, for it gave me the appitite stimulant I needed.

At night I would smoke and eat indica to help me sleep all night.

I began growing marijuana for personal use but shared with others, for it's truly a miraculous plant.

In my free time passion, I love to make mods for Grand Theft Auto V, my mind becomes very focused writing code, so when i stop coding my mind is racing in focused thought. A couple of hits and I slow to a more even pace where my focus is not so centric, but more open.

I love the beautiful development of these diverse plants, in all their varieties.

If it didn't have the stigma and was just discovered today I bet it would be called a Miracle Plant, for the vast benefits they offer.

I look forward to joining the COPPERSTATE Farm and becoming a grower. I have a deep passion in growing and open to learning new technologies, techniques and new strains as a full time career.

Thanks for reading, nice to meet you and I hope to see you soon at the Farm.

Peace, N8


Welcome to the community and thank you so much for sharing your story!

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