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A software engineer looking to connect and build software for cannabis

Introduce Yourself

Greetings all!

I'm Austin my pronouns are he/they and I'm a software engineer (with most of my professional experience in web development (PHP, javascript, nodejs, and others)).

I'm looking to join the cannabis industry and potentially make some new friends. I'm passionate about cannabis, and I want to help build tools, websites, gather resources, and more for making it more accessible to the common citizen.

I've spent much of my career so far automating very manual processes for businesses from ad creation based off inventory, to creating automations for HR to help track Software Engineer hours without needing to track time. I've delivered features from conception, to mockup, to proof of concept, to polished product all on my own, while helping guide a small team.

I've been poking around for a few months, but haven't found too much on my own are there any places for developers in the industry to connect?

I look forward to connecting😄

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