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The Immersive Van Gogh Experience is currently one of the top attractions for art lovers in New York City. You may ask yourself "what could be cooler than a giant room filled wall to wall with the work of one of the most famous artists of all time?". And the answer is to be in that room while being allowed to consume cannabis. They are hosting two events in which people are allowed to consume cannabis while inside the premises, an event where more info can be found here. Cannabis and art have gone hand in hand for a long time, and Van Gogh himself owned a pipe. I hope that we end up seeing more events like this in the future and normalizing cannabis as a means of elevating an experience, especially around the art world.


So excited for this exhibit! Also stoked that Meow Wolf is coming to Denver :)

I'm going tomorrow night! Love that cannabis culture is being seen as an added experience for the art scene.

I have a degree in Art and the immersive Van Gough exhibit looks like a dream come true! Formally pairing cannabis with activities we love to do is something I am so excited to see happening. It will be wonderful when we can have green gardens at events instead of beer gardens!

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