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I come from humble, if not realistic beginings and thought that I would spend my life in the kitchen. To then realize that this wasn't where I wanted to be. I've known for a long time that cannabis was going to be the next great boom to the economy and I want to be a part of it.

If anyone is willing to lend a guiding hand toward having more knowledge and reach in this growing market, all advice is deeply appreciated.


Hello Corneilus,

Just a thought here. Do you like writing? I have really paved the way for my career by becoming a "weed blogger." people are SO hungry for information online, if you can hold a few sentences together it's a really good way to make a name for yourself and provide a service to the industry. That way when it finally goes legal people will be like, "whoa - look what that person did to educate the community."

Money is bad but you can swing media passes to events and build an online brand.

I wouldn't recommend getting a certificate or growing classes right now unless you are 100% a green thumb and have a passion for it. The industry needs professionals in lots of other areas (business, media, $$$, transport, distribution) i'd say whatever you're already interested in career-wise, try to apply that to the cannabis space.

Best wishes for your continued success! The key to success is to being open to asking for help and advice which you have done!

Hey Corneilus-Lincoln:.

I have over 20 years growing (and i'm only 36 lol) NYS just legalized and I started my own company teaching others to cultivate prize winning quality or record yields...

If you happen to be on LI ill give u free guidance in person, if not ask away...If u want my full service over zoom...Organic Soil recipes, all the tips tricks and what not to dos that you oly get in 20 years of doing...I work on a sliding scale, so first harvest will cover my cost times 10...

Give Me a call 631 416 6898 , Email me any questions, or post them on my FB Page :

My websites

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