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Best consumer brands in Cannabis?

Branding and Marketing

Curious to get everyone's thoughts on great examples of effective branding in the cannabis space and why you're hooked. Examples include Dosist and Canndescent for me because they cater towards being feelings-based.


I love the Canndescent branding and find it to be incredibly attractive in terms of packaging, categorizing, story and over-all high quality of the product, they do it well.

Pure Beauty is attractive, clean and simple

I think there is so much opportunity for design in this space, very few brands feel like they have a true identity that connects to their target customer.

Great question, can't wait to see what other's think. Off the top of my head... a stand out to me from Hall of Flowers was Kings Garden. The gold packaging made them stand out and catch my eye right away, very aesthetically pleasing in my opinion!


i hope this isn’t off subject, i

want to creat new packaging made out of cannabis based materials is this possible?

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