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Black Market Experience in Cannabis

Questions that Need Answers

I was wondering what is the best way for someone to share black market cannabis experience in a professional manner. I am finding that my experience in the industry should be stated on my cover letter and resume but I want to find a way to showcase skills and experience without disclosing the nature of the work. Thoughts?


I wouldn't. It's frowned upon, and could even get you reported to the MED. Also, many owners are biased against that type of grow experience, they want commercial experience. I recommend starting as a assistant grower and use this to build your experience.

Hey Connie! Great question here. I actually just walked someone through this on our last AMA and think it could help you as well!

I'm personally a big believer in being transparent with your experience during an interview process, but its up to you if you'd like to include it on your resume + cover letter. A lot of times, an employer's biggest pushback is that someone with experience growing in the traditional market doesn't have experience working under strict regulations. If you're going to apply for a role in the regulated space, my suggestion would be to start learning about the compliance & regulations which will ultimately shape your role. We've placed people that come from the traditional market into the regulated market before, it all comes down to how your describe your experience and how you've taken then time to understand that there will be a steep learning curve.

I hope this helps!

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