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Hello - I am new to this platform. I have great experince in building brand awareness primarily in the fashion industry. I am looking to make a career change and my interest is in branding and marketing in the cannabis space. In addition to making a career change, I am also recently released from prison on a non-violent offense, so I am hoping to get some insight into how that might impact my entry into this industry. Any insight, connections and knowledgable resources will be very helpful. I am located in Southern California and looking for employment in this wide open area.


Hey Carolyn! Welcome to the platform! I am a Recruiter with Vangst and have recruited for several positions in California for Cannabis companies. Most cities only require a background check to work in the industry, while some require a badging process to be done, which would also require a background check. There are a few offenses that would not disqualify you from working in the industry. My advice would be to find positions you are interested in, apply for them, and go through the process. I hope this helps!

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