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Introduce Yourself

Greetings Vangst Community,

This is such a refreshing community compared to LinkedIn. I've just joined Vangst and am also looking to get my foot in the door and find a position in marketing and communications.

About Me:

I'm a marketing & communications specialist for over seven years.

I use cannabis to be more creative or relax after stressful days.

I run ultra-marathons and have found that cannabis has helped with rest and recovery after long efforts. I also enjoy boxing after a few "hits".

I'm here to find work and be helpful to those also looking to get their start in the business as well.

All ships rise with the tide, let's connect and see how we can help each other. Nice to meet you all!


Welcome Robert! I'm glad you made it over to Vangst! We always love hearing about the ways people use cannabis to enrich their lives. I definitely recommend to look into the companies on here to see which align with your values and then connect with them. You're definitely on the right track to break into the industry!

Thanks Tommy, I just had my first interview with a company today!

Thats amazing! Please keep me posted!

Greetings Robert! I’m also new to Vangst and agree that it’s a refreshing break from LinkedIn.

Also very cool that you run ultra marathons! I l’ve only dabbled in half marathons but I can agree that cannabis definitely helps with training. My favorite thing to do is eat an edible before my morning runs - music hits differently and the vibes are always positive. Every once in a while I’ll do the same before training jiu jitsu and again, vibes are in check and I flow better.

Thank you for sharing and congrats on your first interview!

When you're ready to take the plunge into a full marathon or more, be ready to loosen your grip on a social life a bit!

I always enjoy swapping stories of how people mix cannabis into their physical efforts. I have yet to try BJJ, but have had great experiences with running and boxing.

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