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Getting Started in Cannabis

But where do I start????

Getting Started in Cannabis

Hello everyone, my name is Olivier and I am a 22 yr college senior. Im grauating with a science and tech bacholors and got accepted into one of the only schools in the United States offering cannabis as a masters degree. I want to get into cultivation (although I have a vertatile skillset). I can see myself working in many parts of the cannbis industry but I’m lost.. I feel like im the first steps on a foreign planet and dont jnow where to start. I want to Intern for a great company and get all the experience I can. Any suggestions???


Congratulations in getting your Bachelor's.

Hey Olivier,

I feel exactly what you are saying! 7 years ago, I made the decision to move into Cannabis here in CO, and that was the easiest part of the whole thing, lol. I do have good news though, it is sooooo worth it.

I am currently a Talent Manager here with Vangst, so let's set up some time to chat about what you are looking for and how I may be able to help : ) This is a link to my calendar, feel free to pop in on a day/time that will work best and I look forward to speaking more!



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