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Getting Started in Cannabis

Do you think it would be beneficial or advantageous to take cannabis courses/classes in order to get a job in the cannabis industry? If so, does anyone have any recommendations on which school or online courses are the best?


Hi Kimberlee! We've heard this question come up a lot... YES, we think it's valuable... so much so that we've actually just launched Vangst Education courses! You can sign up for our upcoming Cannabis Retail course here:

Reach out with any questions you have!

I think it's always a positive to take professional development courses and to become a SME at whatever career and cannabis is no different. I don't think it's a REQUISITE to landing a job per se unless we are talking specific retailer or cultivation training but every aspect of working in cannabis (from accounting to marketing and beyond) has nuances that are just a bit different than other similar CPG industries.

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