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Cannabis Wallpaper for Dispensary and Lounge Interiors

Branding and Marketing

I just recently released a collection of wallpaper that includes 3 different cannabis patterns.

  • An all over IVI Cannabis vine
  • A lush floral pattern
  • Cannabis leaves that makes up a dreamcatcher type of shape

You can view the wallpaper here.

Custom colorization and color matching is available too!

I would love to get this on people's radar that are opening up dispensaries and/or smoke lounges so they know it's at least an option for them.

If you happen to know anybody I should reach out to I would be very grateful for your leads.

Could be somebody that is designing or opening up a place or anybody that is updating their walls :-)

I can see these in many different situations not just hospitality.

Residential and office spaces too!

Thank you so much in advance!!!

You can comment below, DM me or hit me up with an email if you wish too.

What ever is best and most convenient for you.

Feel free to hit me up with any questions, comments or critiques.

More patterns to be released soon!

- Sean


Hello Sean! Your wallpapers are really cool. I like the 'Cannabis Dream Catcher'

Analyse-Meza: Hello Sean! Your wallpapers are really cool. I like the 'Cannabis Dream Catcher'

Thank you so much @Analyse Meza! I really appreciate that.

This is awesome!

Bailey-Astudillo: This is awesome!

Thank you @Bailey Astudillo! Currently designing a few more for wallpaper and fabrics as well.

These are imaginative and awesome. Great job.

Katie-Stribling: These are imaginative and awesome. Great job.

Really appreciate you saying that @Katie Stribling!!!

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